blog, day 1, post 1.


I don’t really know why I have decided to start a blog. It’s more of an urge than a well reasoned decision. A strange urge too as I’m not that keen on writing, a blank page is a rather intimidating thing. However, I’ve been reading some excellent blogs- some of which are by people I know, and some are by people I would like to know – and have been encouraged/inspired to start my own.

The blog title is a comment my mother made once. She and I are both hard of hearing, or deafened, or hearing impaired, or partially deaf, or just plain deaf. (Though not capitalized Deaf, we don’t use sign language, we aren’t part of a Deaf world). Our type of hearing loss means that we hear some sounds of speech, and then make an educated guess on what’s been said. The educated part is clues from face-reading, body language, and knowing what the subject matter. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t. It can be funny when it doesn’t.

A major part of this blog will be about living with hearing loss. It pretty much defines how I live my life and it would be hard to ignore. I’m also hopeful about getting a cochlear implant, and will talk about that too. My hearing has worsened over the years, especially in the past 4 years, and now it’s reached a point where it intrudes on my life too much. It’s hard to keep up with friends when you can’t pick up the phone for an easy chat, to make arrangements to meet for a coffee, a meal, a walk. So hearing loss brings a fair dollop of isolation and loneliness. I rely on the internet to connect with people and I think that this blog is an extension of that, another attempt to communicate.

So, first words down. Now all I have to do is follow through….


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  1. Welcome to the World of blogging.
    I’ve been here for a while, but then you know that. Thanks for your first comment on mine today.

    Of course we do “know” each other in that way that cyber buddies do. I’ll add you to my blogroll and then you’re bound to get a few more visitors.

    Do check out “Five String Guitar”, link on my blog. If you’ve not found him yet, I know you will enjoy Dave.

    I hope you don’t mind the long comment, but you have no email address listed in your profile, even an anonymous one.

    Happy blogging!

  2. Hello. I’ve just come across your blog today from “speak up librarian” blog and I like your blog that I’ve read so far. I come from England,Nottinghamshire and I’m HOH. I do two blogs. One is my Hard of Hearing blog, which I’ve now included your blog on their, so people who visit can read your great blog too, and my other blog is Lady’s blog, which is my cat thats blogging on this one. lol

    Going back to my HOH blog, I wrote my blog as so I hope it helps others who are HOH like me, to know they are not the only ones that feel like they do regarding their deafness, as that is how I used to feel till I came across other deaf sites and blogs. And I hope at the same time that it educates any hearing people viewing it as well, so they know our difficulties. I’ve not been one writing anything like this myself before and I’m surprised I still find stuff to write about, which you will too! My blog which you’ve probablly found over time, also helps me personally. Its a bit like a diary, except you are aware everyone is looking at it. 🙂

    Keep up with your blogging. I’ll certainly be coming back to read more! 🙂

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