what are these funny things?


You do ‘mishear’ some things and closed captioning on TV can be amusing when it’s wrong. This tends to happen on programs that are live where the captionning is interpreted phonetically. I think word recognition software is used, we’ve also noticed some unique phrasing in the captions to British programs when shown on North American TV.

Now I come to write down some examples I can’t think of many.

Here’s one. When my boss told me she was going on holiday in January I asked her if she was skiing. She looked surprised, laughed and said no. I thought she was going to Quebec. She’s off to Cuba.


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  1. Hi Mog,
    You commented on my blog, so that is how I found you. I like your writing – real, with a good sense of humor thrown in.
    If you have not found them, you might consider checking out http://www.hearingjourney.com It is a wonderful forum of people dealing with hearing loss, sharing and supporting each other.
    Keep blogging. Your writing is delightful.

  2. Hi ‘Mog’,

    I agree 100% with Glenice, your writing is down to earth and funny…. but I expected that. đŸ˜‰

    I will be following your blog, as I share some of what you’ve written and no doubt more.

    Keep writing…
    – Marnie

  3. Hi Marnie
    Thank you for your comment too. Tis good to share. It’s a strange process writing a blog, letting it all out, so I am pleased, very pleased that others find it worth reading. Keep commenting too!


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