the good, the bad, and the ugly.


It’s easy to focus on the unhelpful people, those whose actions or lack of action mess up your day, but there are plenty of good people out there.

I recently went to a training session at work. 9 participants and one trainer. I postitioned myself centrally, facing the speaker. I told the trainer that I have a hearing loss and that I use lipreading, and asked him to speak more loudly. He replied asking “Loudly? not more clearly?” So I said yes to both but louder please as I couldn’t hear him. He nodded and looked as if he was taking it all in, then made what he thought was a joke, mouthing OK exageratedly. Oh how we laughed, except that inside I felt mocked. Would he have fallen over to show his support for someone with palsy?

The good were there too. Once he started talking he soon forgot about louder and clearer, one of my colleagues switched seats to sit next to me and started to make notes of what the trainer was saying. Isn’t that wonderful? so kind, so thoughtful. During the practical demo another colleague repeated things to me.

I work with good people.


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  1. Hi Mog,
    I can relate to everything in this post. I have a brother-in-law that thought mouthing words to me was funny. We laugh at ourselves in public, but my dearest ones saw my rare tears. I am so thankful for the “good” people.

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