friday trivia

I’ve pinched an idea from Rob of Inukshuk. He has tree watch, I have garden furniture watch. I hope Rob doesn’t mind.

We had more snow yesterday. The forecast was for 1cm. As you can see from garden furniture watch there was a little more than that.

We have two cats

This is the real Mog and this is Dude


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  1. Hello Mog and dude! Gorgeous kitties.

    I love the garden furniture watch. Great idea, until we get more snow and they disappear altogether! Actually, it would even work for spring and summer too. One could tell it was summer with there being no snow and people using the furniture, for sitting on and stuff!

  2. Hi Rob
    I don’t think it will disappear altgother, I hope not! I thought it would be a great way of showing the seasons, and the beauty of it is I can take the picture from my kitchen. I must work out if there’s a way to have garden furniture watch as a running entry, like a sidebar. Rather than in separate posts.

  3. Summer will come again sometime, right? I have a hard time believing it when I see photos like this (and look out my own windows).

  4. Random thought for you…..
    you know you’re not a youth anymore when it feels like it’s going to take you three days to recover from a late night.
    I used to be able to stay up til three and then go to work in the morning , now I think I’m gonna be out of action for days 🙂


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