more of bored dude


Or you can pick on Mog. You can almost see Dude thinking…


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  1. Haha! His siblings are just the same. And we have plenty of boredom lately, with no one going out. They can’t just WALK around the house anymore. It has to be a thump-de-thump-de-thump run ending on one pouncing on the other, whether the other wanted to be a part of this game or not. Old crotchety barn cat and kittens are cool with this. Momma cat IS NOT.

  2. Dude has been good for Mog. She still gets grumpy with him, and is definitely boss cat, but now she plays. She never did that before. Poor old rescue cat, she never learned. She also likes the odd cuddle now too. So Dude’s perpetual happiness is catching

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