I don’t think it will disappear altogether…….


I said that earlier this week about garden furniture watch, now called gfw. Well it snowed again yesterday, and again the forecast was for 1cm. This is what landed.

The thing is that we live halfway between A and B. The weather forecast for our village is based on the weather station at A, but sometimes we have weather that’s from the B system. That must be what happened yesterday as B was on a snowfall warning, and A wasn’t. Still it’s only snow, as my mum says, that’s Canada for you.

It’s now a balmy 1C, thats 33F in old money, so we should be seeing furniture again soon. I’ve put the photos in a slideshow to the right and hope that through the year we will have a chronicle of the seasons.


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  1. We’ve lost a child’s scooter somewhere on the patio… no idea where it might be. Thankfully we remembered to bring the child in, it could have been worse 😉

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