lose it or use it


I’m talking about intellect, wit, humour.

My family is funny. No, not funny peculiar, funny ha ha. We appreciate humour, comedy. When I was a child we used to have the radio on in the background while we ate our meals. We listened to programmes such as Round the Horne, The Clitheroe Kid,the Navy Lark, The Goons. Showing my age a little now. Anyway what I am trying to say is that we have a well developed sense of humour. Dry humour, words, wit, one liners, not slapstick, not cruel. It takes practise too, it’s like sharpening a knife.

And what made me think of this? well I’ve had a few comments on this blog and in real life about my humour, how I say amusing things, and I realised that I haven’t heard people say that in a long time. I think it’s happening again because I recently acquired some new hearing aids. They are pretty good considering what they have to deal with, and it means I can interact more. My conversation is more spontanenous, I feel more confident. I don’t have to expend energy just working out the basics, and now I have some energy left to add some frills. To let “me” out. It also means that I can join in discussions more. Not completely, not easily, but I am not on the outside so much now.

One place where I am still outside looking in is for phone calls. I need to ask people to make these for me. If its a simple message that’s great but….. There’s always a but in life. Sometimes a decision is needed, and more often than not the person making the phone call makes that decision, which leaves me out of the process. How I would like it to happen is this. A 3rd party makes a call for me. Then passes the phone to me, I speak, then the 3rdP listens and tells me what has been said, and I then speak in reply. This means that I think, I use my brain, I make decisions. If you aren’t asked to make decisions then you lose the ability. You become that cliche of deaf and dumb, not because of your ability but because you aren’t allowed to use it.

I would never, ever want to be a cliche!


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  1. Again I’m learning. Things I had absolutely no reason to consider, until now. Well put and thought provoking post and true of so many situations in life.

  2. Hi Mog, this is from UK where we have had snow. I have been housebound for a few days and have been content and relaxed and have just realised why. I have not had to strain to listen!! As a deafened person watching is listening and although I miss my friends it is so very tiring having to watch each persons face as they speak.
    Children, well, I just cannot work out what they are saying.

    It would be wonderful to hear music, to be able to go to theatre.even to attend a meeting on a subject of interest, but one must be content with TV and subtitles.
    I will not go on, just saying I think you are doing a good job on your blog. helping people to realise that we are not daft, just deafened.

  3. Hi Mog. Just read your blog. I am snowbound here in UK and have just realised why I am so relaxed, with only myself and TV with subtitles, and of course this computer for company.
    Meeting friends is good but such a strain watching their faces, constantly striving to make out the words they say, and sometimes joining in the conversation only to realise that I have not heard aright.L
    It would be marvellous just to be able to go out to theatre, movies, even to attend a local meeting of interest,. But, I suppose at least I can say that once upon a time, I did hear music, birds singing, children’s voices, and can recall tunes in my head.

    The tick of a clock, the song of a bird, the sound on the roof of the rain, what I would give to hear them again, – or really just settle to hear speech, best wishes .

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