we had a bit of a thaw yesterday


Look at those legs!

The temperature reached 8C and we had some rain, the ice, and the packed snow on the sidewalks have almost gone. There are still huge snow mountains bordering the roads but what a difference.

My very good friend J, otherwise known as the Horse Lady, or THL says there are signs of spring. The horses are playing and she has taken off her long johns, Hurrah! We have seen more birds too, and I swear that the willow tree opposite has a more yellow hue to it. I’ve just noticed too that if you peer through the willow branches you can see the river water sparkling.

Lets not get too excited though, the temps will be back down to 15c below tonight, and there’s more snow on the way. I will be back to planning of vegetable gardens and road trips


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  1. Wow! That’s really a lot of melt. Is melt the word? I’m really Canadian… but not really, very Canadian, really so I don’t really know, really.

    – Marnie

  2. Googling update…

    If I Google ‘Garden Furniture Watch’ you’re on the first page, baby! You beat the Pottery Barn! Woop! Woop!

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