snow fleas!


The Horse Lady sent me an email saying she had seen snow fleas. Well, I thought, and well again. Was this cabin fever surfacing? So close to spring too, if only she could hang on for a few more weeks. But no, turns out that they are real critters, a sign of spring, a harbinger even.
Another couple of harbingers (a harbingeree perhaps?), I took my coat off to drive today, and I wore normal shoes. I had to slide across the parking lot ice mind, but what the heck it wasn’t snow.

Mustn’t get to over excited now. More white stuff is bound to come and dump on us soon.


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  1. Ooh please be careful sliding across that ice
    Even though it’s starting to thaw I saw someone on the path behind our building slip and be paramedicked off yesterday
    Take care


  2. Snow fleas!?!?!!


    That’s scary… like flea-bitten dawg everywhere… a flea-bitten dawg that drifts and settles all over everything.

    – Marnie

  3. I never thought of snow-fleas as a harbinger of spring. I’ve seen them by the zillions while cross-country skiing. What looks like dirt in the tracks turns out be …. aliiiiive! Come to think of it, they seem to turn out on warmer, sunnier days and not when it’s really cold. I happen to like winter so it’s one of the things I look forward to seeing. I should take along a magnifying glass or pocket microscope and have a better look.

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