some people


I’m on a mission really. A mission to express how it feels to have duff ears, to say how I cope – and I do cope. Maybe not as well as others, but I don’t do so badly really. I want to try to help people understand something of what it can be like. You can’t know until you are living it though. I never understood fully until recently, until my hearing moved into the “very little useful” hearing bracket.

Some people though, some people, think that I am just whining on, bleating, ranting, complaining, have a chip on my shoulder, they say I blame my hearing for the failures in my life. What failures?

These are people who think it’s OK to make jokes about a disability, to tease, to taunt. They always know some deaf geezer down the pub who used to joke about being deaf. He never minded them making jokes about his hearing, so I shouldn’t mind them making jokes. Except I would call it mocking. I should develop a thicker skin they say, I am too sensitive apparently. I say they lack sensitivity and insight.

It never seems to occur to them that they are lacking in sensitivity. They think the work of organisations such as; CHS, CHHA, RNID, is “political correctness gone mad”. It never occurs to them that those people who joke in public might cry in private.

Bitter? maybe, but I don’t and won’t accept than I am worth less.


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  1. Mog, you kick ass!

    You know that I know what this is about… on many levels.

    I am going to say more… but I want to formulate my thoughts more (ok, I’m a bit drunk – haha!)

    Have you ever suggested to friends, family members, acquaintances that they live a day with ear plugs jammed into their ears? Funny, how they find that too difficult, too inconvenient, too bothersome yet expect me to laugh at their mocking my difficulties in daily life… And I’m being over-sensitive?

    We need to start that co-blog…

    – Marnie

  2. Hearing loss and deafness was not something I ever gave particular thought to until we became friendly with a couple, one of whom was profoundly deaf. She was kind enough to educate us a little. You do the same here with your blog posts and I am grateful for the education and the insight. I also know about people and their mocking and jokes. Not on. You just keep blogging, some of us are interested to know, to understand.

  3. Thank you both. I had to let off steam, sometimes it just builds up.

    Marnie, I have suggested earplugs to some people, but not all. A few people, well maybe 3, tried it at college, they all said it was frightening and disorientating. Those ear plugs only stop 30dB, my hearing loss is 110, I bet yours is similar. So they would also need ear defenders on top, which would give the game away somewhat!

    The people I care about are understanding and helpful, maybe that’s why I care about them. Having a disability helps filter out the good ‘uns.

    That was more of a post than a comment. Methinks next post should be something light.

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