it’s either the beginning or the end


I have my cochlear implant assessment tests over the next two days.

Tomorrow is the CT scan, and then on Friday I have an ENG and then an appointment with the CI specialist.

The CT scan should be a doddle. I’m expecting a high resolution scan of the temporal bones, this will show the anatomy and structure of the cochlea. The cochlea need to be lovely and snail like and patent. There also needs to be no other reason for the hearing loss, such as a tumour. I’ve been told to be nil by mouth for 3 hours which makes me wonder if there is a contrast media injection. This would be indicated if a tumour was suspected, and there’s no reason to suspect that I do have a tumour. Perhaps that’s a “just in case” instruction so that they can go on and do the contrast scan at that appointment.

The Electronystagmogram (ENG) test is for inner ear function and balance. Various tests are done with electrodes taped around the eyes, these record eye movement. You look at targets moving across a screen, then some tests are done while you sit on a rotating chair. Others with you moving from sitting to lying down and then they finish by pouring warm water in your ears while your eyes are closed. They record how much this makes you feel giddy, can be mild can be yucky.

Then after the ENG we see the surgeon. I think I get the results then but am not sure. It would be surprising if they were ready but on the other hand the ENT surgeon is a specialist and so would be able to interpret the tests without waiting for a written report. I think this part includes the medical assessment bit. I did read that very few medical conditions contraindicate a CI, it just may mean a delay while the condition is treated. At this stage Steve was able to arrange the date for surgery and sign consent forms.

I’m travelling up to Toronto tomorrow morning. I can do the CT scan appointment by myself, after all I have seen a few in the past so it’s no mystery to me. My Lovely Man (MLM) will travel up after work. I’m going to get the Greyhound bus, then a subway, then a bus to Sunnybrook.

I’m combining business with pleasure. After the scan I’m meeting an internet friend for the first time. We will hang out in the afternoon then meet MLM from the GO train, have dinner and stay overnight. Then MLM and I will head off back to Sunnybrook for the ENG and the medical appointment.

I’m quite nervous, not about the tests, but the results. I will be so disappointed if I don’t qualify and will seriously have to review life and how to live it with this hearing.

I’ll report back sometime on how it went.


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  1. If, for some reason, you don’t qualify, there’s likely a second/third/fourth chance.

    But I hope the tests go well, either way.

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