i’m going to be a cyborg!


They said yes. Indeedydeedy they said YES. I need to sort out some meningitis shots and once the CI clinic have that information confirmed they will give me a date. They are talking about June. What a great birthday present that will be.

For the technically minded I am going to be fitted with a Med-el Maestro with a softsomething or other electrode and an Opus 2 speech processor. For the non technically minded I have chosen bright red as the colour. It will be the right ear, this makes it easier for me when driving as I will be able to hear the passenger, it’s also a better choice for hearing as I am right handed and it’s better to use the dominant side.

It’s the stuff of science fiction really but once I have a cochlear implant fitted I will be a cyborg.

So for a Star Trek fan and a superman fan then a Med El and cyborg combo is pretty neat. They can’t guarantee that I will look like this afterwards


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  1. Gosh, thanks for all the good wishes. It is very exciting. I’ll take a good look at those blogs Sarah, thank you.

    I have a prescription for the meningitis shots, I just need to work out how to get them filled and find someone to give them. The joys of not having a family doctor!

  2. Hi – I am getting caught up after traveling and I came here to your blog and see this great news! I am so happy for you! I hope and pray your results will be as fabulous or more so than mine. I don’t know anything about the Med El as I have Advanced Bionics, but I do know about rehabbing. Your positive attitude is a huge plus. Patience and practice are very important when you get to the stage of “Hearing Again” Yay!

  3. We will be cochlear twins. Right ear, medel, opus 2, red. Funny thing is I don’t know if it’s the maestro sonata or the maestro pulsar inside my head…

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