the land of shining waters


Since I’ve heard about the CI I’m feeling very benevolent and happy so instead of a hard of hearing rant here’s video from today’s walk. I’ve left the sound on but have no idea if that’s worked at all, if it has let me know what you can hear. When I stood taking this clip I could hear nothing. Maybe it’s so rural there aren’t any noises.

It was beautiful though and the sun sparkling on the water reminded me that this area is called the Kawarthas, which means the land of shining waters.


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  1. Kawarthas. What a cool name — the name itself, as well as what it means.

    Near the beginning of the clip I heard what I thought might have been your breathing. Also, here and there, there was a slightly crackly sound. That latter sound seemed like your handling of the camera.

    Towards the end of the clip, I heard birds singing. I hope you’ll hear them again after your cochlear implant. 🙂

  2. What a gorgeous day!

    I think I heard a crow squawk at about the 9 second mark and maybe a car at the every beginning… ? not sure though! Otherwise I mostly hear just camera noises and I just hear you breathing softly.

    It must look amazing in the summer!

  3. Dang that breathing. When I started recording I had my hand over the lens to sheild it from the sun, then I moved it out of the way.

    It’s a good reminder to me that I think I am missing out on things because of the hearing loss, when sometimes, such as this one, I’m not.

    Thank you for listening 😉

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