there’s always one, at least one.


At work we have some notices telling clients that there’s a tech with a profound hearing loss, and that she, ie me, needs to be looking at them to hear what they are saying. It also says that I’m not ignoring them, I just havent heard them speak.

I’ve had some comments on this, usually helpful and favourable and sometimes not so helpful. One person wanted me to put a picture on so they knew who it was. Well, that was fairly annoying, maybe they wanted a mugshot face and profile?

What happened yesterday though takes the biscuit.

When I arrived my colleague said that one client had read the notice and asked him if I was working as she would like to meet me. I found out that she was still in the building and went to speak to her, in case she had any questions about hearing loss, maybe knew someone who was in a similar situation etc etc.

Well, brace yourselves now, after I introduced myself to her, her comment was, “Oh you don’t speak funny at all”. FFS! All she wanted was to hear a Deaf accent as an entertainment. Speak funny? How offensive is that? Maybe we should put on clown make-up and juggle as well??

PS. I am a late deafened adult and don’t have a Deaf accent, I have an English one. Would she have asked to see me just to hear my English accent?


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  1. hmmm – I get the other side of the coin to that – lots of comments about how well/good/clear I speak – it drives me crackers!! All I can say is “thankyou” and then move on VERY swiftly!!

  2. You may need to let your colleagues know what happened so in future they can screen for curiosity seekers.
    Were you consulted before the notices were posted?

  3. I have a Jersey accent…and that is just bad as they come!!

    Deaf accent? I have one of those…but I’d rather get rid of my Jersey accent, I’m tellin’ ya, that is bad!

    Hearing people…aren’t they funny little critters? Hee.

  4. Hi Mog,
    I came here via Robyns blog. I’m a kiwi too and had the fortune of 41 years of perfect hearing, then this last one with total hearing loss. I have bi-Lateral and similar to Robyn have just had my right ear re-implanted. This deaf business has been a wild ride to say the least. My greatest insult to date is being told I ‘sound deaf’. What does that mean without my processors I’m totally deaf, except that is for dreadful tinnitus. I hear crickets, fishtank bubbles, roaring of a plane close up, crashing like the waves of the sea, then too the phantom music. Maybe sounding deaf is a compliment, or maybe they think I’m a fish or an insect-LOL)

    Love your blog.



  5. It wasn’t the Deaf accent that offended me, it was the thought that someone with a one could be a source of entertainment, a sideshow.

    I was consulted on the notices and in the main they are very helpful. It’s just, there’s always one!

    Welcome Colin and Sam, I have a stinking cold so won’t type much in reply, just good to hear from you.

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