snot and it’s ramifications


I have a cold, a lousy, red nosed, snot dripping, ears bunged up, tooth hurting, coughing, sneezing, germ spreading, achy bones, can’t get warm, cold.

I hate having a cold, usually it fills me with terror that the hearing I lose when I have a cold won’t come back. Even temporarily I hate having to cope without those lost dB.

So today I went to work, bloody busy. Was tired and ill, but helped by lovely co-worker K.

Left to come home. I’d left the car lights on, so no juice to power the damned thing. Went in, found nice co-worker, another K, we did the booster cables thing and off I go.

You know why this happened don’t you?? With hearing aids I can only just hear the ding ding ding that tells you the lights are on. With hearing aids and a cold, no chuffing chance. This wouldn’t have happened if I could hear.

Roll on CIs


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