a little learning can be a dangerous thing


I’ve just got back from a study day. One of those professional practice things you have to do every year.

Beforehand I asked if I could have; a seat at the front, and copies of the talks. Ideally I would like a speech to text transcriber but that’s expensive and I have no idea how you get funding for that. I should look into it. Back to the plot now. The organisers said they would oblige so, great, off I went.

Sighs. Large room, a banquet hall thing, round tables as for a banquet. This means that the front row was maybe 15 feet from the speakers. The human speakers, not the electronic ones. There were electronic speakers too, but no loop system. Oh yes, and lights behind the speakers too.

First lecture. Very good, clear diction, she had sent copies of the powerpoint with her notes underneath. Mostly excellent. The bits I missed I could read. She didn’t repeat the audience questions but I think I got the gist of it.

Usual noisy coffee situation, head getting pummelled by noise.

Second speaker. Asked by organiser to repeat questions, and by someone at out table. He started out ok, then moved the mike so it was over his mouth. Then he started talking faster. He forgot to repeat the questions, but was reminded to do this by the speakers. He also kept looking at me and asking stuff about whether it was ok. How embarrasing is that? I know he meant well but I don’t want a room full of people looking at me and asking why etc etc. No notes for me.but most of what he said was on the powerpoint, apparently. How would I know, I can’t read the powerpoint and look at his face at the same time.

Third speaker, no notes, useless speaker. A mumbling script reader.

Lunch was crap too.

Still I had good company, thanks D!

Pissed off, headache, ready for a bucket of gin and good company round at some friends tonight!


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  1. Well now that the most stressful and frustrating part of your day is over… you can relax and have fun with your friends tonight! I especially hate it whenever someone asks me how they are doing – that really is embarrassing!

  2. Ugh, I can totally relate as I just went to my conference for work this past week. I didn’t blog about the last day because I was so exhausted by then. The final wrap up session sounds just like what you had: human speakers were situated around the room. There were no handouts. I just endured it and was relieved when it was over. I would have fallen through the floor if anyone had singled me out. Hope this week is better for both of us.

  3. I know what you mean about falling through the floor. Sunbleached doesnt like it either so I doubt we are alone. Should put it on the list of things not to do when talking to a HOH/deaf/Deaf person.

    I was shattered last night. There was no need either these things can be done properly quite easily.

    It’s the last education day I will go to unless they can sort out a captionist for me.

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