travelling mog

I arrived this morning at 6am, Heathrow terminal 3 was noisy and smelly. The tube was fine and not crowded at all, everyone must be on holiday too. My first holiday day was at St Pancras International station to meet some friends for a champagne breakfast.

Isn’t that just fabarooni? Truly awesome. I used to use St Pancras station in olden days before it was converted into this extravaganza, so it was especially good to see the transformation.

Champagne breakie next to the Eurostar trains to Paris. It’s really great, heated seats and blankets, smoked salmon, scrambled eggs and champers!

After breakfast I headed off to my mums. We went for a walk around the village. This is the local church. ( a bit distorted for some reason)

Here’s a picture of a cattle grid. I haven’t seen one in Canada so I thought it might be a curiosity. The grid stops the cattle and/or sheep from crossing and so you don’t need to have a gate across the road.


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  1. Glad you arrived safely and to a champagne breakfast no less. Tell me please, what are “champers”?

  2. You’ll find lots of “cattle guards” out west, where roads cut through public land. I’m not sure why you don’t see them in Ontario.

  3. Champers is champagne!!

    I suppose no cattle grids as no public grazing land??

    That park is private though, but the local church is in there, as is the cricket field and pavilion, so the villagers need road access.

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