daffodils, concrete cows, and a Radley bag


Someone asked me if we have daffodils in England… duh, yes! Good job they didn’t ask that of a Welshman. More pictures of daffs tomorrow.

I went shopping with an old school friend today. A little blog connection here, my friend is the mother of the talented Sarah and Rachael. Anyway, I normally don’t consider shopping a pastime but we had great fun, visiting M and S, and John Lewis, and lunching. Ah bliss. We shopped in the much mocked Milton Keynes. I like the place. It’s also (in)famous for its concrete cows. Sculptures made from rubbish, recycled crud held together by cement. Here they are on loan to the shopping mall as a work of art. That wiki link says the artist is Canadian. Never knew that.

And finally. My new handbag, more of a tote. It’s a Radley bag, nothing else will do as once you have owned one you won’t buy any other make. Plus I got it half price with a free Radley umbrella. Excellent! Isn’t that just perfect?


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  1. That tote looks very full!

    Are you noticing the cattle theme to you blog lately? You’re one step closer to sweaters with embroidered ducks you know…

    Nice to hear that you’re having fun.

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