ceramic soup


I’m just back from almost 2 weeks in England visiting friends and family. Much as I enjoyed seeing everyone and catching up, it was exhausting. All that listening, and conversation, all that noise. I have a very low tolerance for loud noises and after a while I am reduced to tears by it. By loud noises I mean a few people talking at once, and many times there was more than one person talking at once. Oh my thats so hard to deal with.

We were all very excited to be together, and we gabbled on and on, telling stories, cracking jokes. I missed half of it, I’m sure my mum did too.

The flying bit was ok. Air Canada scheduled flights so no sardine tin impressions. On the way out they let me preboard so I wasnt left worrying what all the announcements were. Once on the plane one of the attendants asked me if I lipread and then she told me where the emergency exits were and asked me to read the emergency info. Thoughtful, very thoughtful. They also came by and told me what a couple of the inflight announcements were. On the way back they weren’t so attentive but they were happy to write down what they were saying when I asked them so that was no problem. Oh, and the inflight entertainment was OK. No closed captions but some foreign movies with subtitles. I watched japanese, korean, spanish and italian films. I did try to see if the French language entertainment would have English subtitles in the foriegn films section, but no luck there. Slightly annoyed not to have the same choice of movies and TV shows as the English and French speaker, but at least I had something to watch. I must email AC and ask why they don’t have closed captions.

And ceramic soup? well I misheard tiramisu didn’t I, also creme brulee, which I heard as scrambled eggs. Close, very close.


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  1. Steve, thanks for commenting, er, I managed to delete it by accident though, which I am truly sorry for doing. Would you mind commenting again?

  2. Ceramic soup! 😀

    I can imagine how it would sound like that though and creme brulee.

    I should write mine down.

    The tiramasu and creme brulee weren’t on AC were they?

  3. Glad you had a good flight experience. Did you have to request any accomodations when booking your flight so the airline personnel would know to let you preboard?
    That’s cool that you could watch subtitled films in flight.
    Ceramic soup – that’s a good one!

  4. Don’t delete me!

    I love ceramic soup me! Oh and sometimes my creme brulee turns out much like scrambled eggs!!!

  5. No the good food wasnt on AC, it was when Mum and I went out for a yummy Italian meal in Durham.

    I told AC that I was deaf, they had it on my ticket along with my request for a gluten free meal. They let you preboard, which I find takes out a load of the stress in the departure lounge when there are loads of announcements and you havent a clue what they are. Usually trivial I am told but you always wonder. I missed a gate change once though. That was worrying.

    I have tried emailing AC but it seems to get lost in the ether, I’ll try again later.

    The gluten free meals were yuck BTW.

  6. Ceramic soup, that’s a new one! Sometimes the wife will say stuff and I repeat what I think she heard and it is nothing like what she said. We always have a good laugh about it!

    Glad you had such a nice time, but I understand the straining to understand everyone. That is hard. I totally sympathize with you on that one.

    That’s great you got to see some subtitled films on your flight. And foreign films can sometimes be ‘interesting’.

    Bummer about the gluten free meals being crappy.

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