bambi and another light show


Well, dbd33 of Going Country said it was road and deer season and last night around midnight a fawn walked out in front of my car. I was just leaving the town so wasn’t going very fast, and nor was Bambi, so we avoided a deer/car interface.

It left me with both a feeling of pleasure at having seen such a beautiful creature staring at me through the windscreen, and also a rather shaky feeling at having seen such a beautiful creature staring at me through the windscreen.

So I drove on rather cautiously, mindful that deer with less good road crossing skills might be out there.

A few kms further on the car that has been following me puts on its light show….

Indeedy, another policeman. I pulled over, wound down the window and waited. The officer came up with the torch in front of his face, with it shining down on mine. Well of course I couldn’t see his face, so couldn’t hear. I explained and he moved so that I could see him, excellent. This time I was driving too slowly. He wanted to know why I was pootling along and the deer explanation was good so he left and I drove on. I suppose drunk drivers drive slowly.

So, another deaf aware police officer. This is good.

Bambi and I survived unscathed. This is also good.


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  1. What a lucky deer and lucky you, dear. He,he, couldn’t help that. It’s awful to think that these beautiful creatures are in such danger, but I guess if we know of the danger we can take measures to lessen the likelihood of an unwanted interface.

    Nice too that the cop was understanding of the need to see him and your reason for lack of speed.

  2. Canadian police officers carry torches?

    Just pulling your leg. πŸ˜‰

    The British torch / Canadian flashlight thing got me thinking. It’s just as well you are not a British hard of hearing woman who, on top of everything else, is dating a Canadian man. Trust me, that would take the complications you already experience to a whole new level.

    I wonder what ms toast burner might have to say about the reverse situation.

    There is nothing like dating a Canadian to show you that you suffer from CHDS (Canadian Humour Deficit Syndrome). That’s what I found out after 32 years in Canada, even without the HOH element.

    Back to your post ……. I’m so glad both you and Bambi survived unscathed and the police officer was deaf aware.

  3. Damn, I forgot about the flashlight thing. Though that sounds weird to me, a light to flash by?

    The prospect of a police officer with a flaming torch is rather scary!

    I want to know more about this Canadian dating thing, who are you dating Judy?? Tell, do.

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