cochlear implant questions


I’m waiting for my surgery date, maybe the end of May, maybe June. It’s getting close now and I have started to think about it a little more. Not worrying, just thinking.

This is what I’ve been thinking about.

  • Will it hurt?
    How much will it hurt?
    Will I get a droopy face?
    Will I get a funny taste sensation?
    Will I get vertigo?
    Will I get more or less tinnitus?
    Will I get flowers? and chocolate?
    Will the bruise be interesting?
    Will I hear better, and when?
    Will the sounds be electronic forever?
    When do they change to normal?
    What if I don’t like it?
    Will it be too noisy?
    Will I be able to get used to it?
    Will everyone sound the same?
    Will I hear accents?
    Will I hear in Canadian now?
    What will I hear at activation?
    When will I hear music?
    Will I ever hear music?
    Will the cats sound electronic?
    Will being able to hear mean that I burn fewer meals?
    If everyone sounds like a chipmunk what will a chipmunk sound like?

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  1. How long will you be in for ?
    My only advice is to take the pain relief every time it’s offered, even if you don’t think you’ll need it. Much better to stop pain before it starts. After one of my operation( not cochlear or ear related) they put local in thexarea just before I woke up so that combined with oral pain meds meant it never actually hurt!

    Im sure you’ll be fine but those are valid questions


  2. Thanks Toastie and Z. I’ve asked all those questions, the thing is that no one can give a definitive answer to any of them. (apart from the flowers)

    Everyone is different and there are complications as in all procedures, and variations on success, as in all procedures. I’ve been reading all the blogs on CIs and some help, some don’t.

    So I am left wondering.

  3. I’m with Sarah I can send chocolate!
    I do not have a CI, so I cannot offer any help, maybe read some CI blogs, that might offer some advice?

    Best of luck.

  4. Mog,
    Those are all wonderful questions and even though I have a cochlear implant, I can’t really answer them either – like you said each persons journey is different.
    How about this for a question – Will you be better off with the CI than with what you have now? Most likely!
    Questions are good. Keep asking and people will keep trying to find your answers.

  5. I can relate to that wondering. I have been considering a breast reduction operation for about 20 years… constantly weighly the pros and cons… Though they are not as significant as the pros and cons you are considering, I do understand the wondering and desiring clarity and certainty… life sucks in this regard. Dammit!

    Wouldn’t that be weird… if people and chipmunks sounded the same!

  6. you can really scare yourself by reading all the possibly complications. You are obviously intelligent, you have obviously made an informed decision as to have the op. My advice , for what its worth, concentrate on something else , preferably something after the surgery.
    You’ve done all the prep, you know all the risks, nothing else you can do except ride it out.

    Easy for me to say I know 🙂 But sometimes there can be too much info !

    sending good wishes across the interweb


  7. I know from the people on The Deaf Village at that some have taste problems which soon clear up, but I can’t comment myself as I’m not in that situation. And as mentioned before, everyone is different. But I know from them at The Deaf Village that they are better for having it done, going by their conversations.

  8. Just ask your audiologists to shoot all the chipmunks before you arrive for your switch-on, and you shuld hear none. That’s what mine did to me yesteday and sure enough – no chipmunks this time around 🙂


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