House, last night’s episode


Well I know it’s only make believe, and I generally watch it for the soap opera drama rather than for any accuracy in the medicine, but this time it’s personal

Just to reassure anyone who saw it and may be worried.

The skull isn’t opened up for CI surgery. It’s all done through a skin incision behind the ear and then drilling into the thick bone there. It’s very rare that the bone is drilled through completely. I have a thick head so this won’t happen to me.

A specialist with many years experience will put the electrodes into my cochlea, it will take him a while. It won’t be a passing surgeon just tacking the insertion onto another procedure.

You can’t pull the implant out yourself. It’s under the skin. I have no intention of pulling it out either. If by any remote chance I don’t like the thing I just won’t switch it on.

I won’t be able to hear the day after surgery. Switch on will be 4 weeks after surgery and this takes a few hours to set up. Then there will be an adjustment period and hopefully improvement over time.

As a doctor friend once said to me ” House, great televsion, crap medicine” Hugh Laurie is always good, and I like to see glimpses of Bertie Wooster and Blackadder in there, so I will keep on watching. Indeed I usually watch and then check in with the blog polite dissent for the real medicine.

Anyway don’t fret yourselves. It won’t be like that.


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  1. I was actually getting very angry when watching this episode. I coomented to my other half that I hoped you weren’t watching it.
    I”m glad that you won’t be able to pull it out !!!
    I like House but felt that episode was fairly shoddy medicine wise.
    House wise I’m intrigued as to where this may be going !!


  2. viewer beware indeed Sarah. I read recently that medical students were having problems intubating, it seems they were learning from watching ER and House. FFS, these are supposed to be intelligent people. We do all get taken in by TV and movies. Some of us more than others. I suppose my post maybe insults some readers, eeek, by implying they were taken in. No, I didn’t mean to do that but it does plant a seed of doubt in your mind.

    Z, thanks for getting annoyed. I thought it was amusing mostly. I was worried about the audist slant to it, but that’s another discussion altogether.

    House wise? It’s from the USA so it will have to have a happy ending, even if it’s House. House and Cuddy happily married with children maybe……..tee heee

  3. I used to watch House, but lost interest some time ago…
    Bummer that the CI episode was a let down.
    That’s Hollywood for ya.

  4. I love Hugh Laurie; he is way way, too hot. (Your blog came up because I have a Google Alert set up for Hugh Laurie). I am amused by the “medicine” on the show though As an organ transplant recipient, I always laugh when the husband or wife is, amazingly, always a match for the patient who needs a kidney by the first commercial So, I am not surprised that other medical conditions aren’t too accurate either.

    Thanks for your interesting post.

  5. I have not watched House for ages. But when I did watch it I always enjoyed it, because of the character Hugh Laurie plays. Glad I did not see the CI op though.With me not knowing how that’s done till you explained, I’ll have been probablly horrified!

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