just inside our front door


This is the mess by our front door.
Our front door comes straight into the living room. Not uncommon in Canada, I don’t like it very much as it means all the muck and mess is brought in, plus all your living chaos is there for all the world to see. We are chaotic people, perfect entropy.
There’s a boot tray under there somewhere, and various mats to try and keep the mud and dirt off the parquet flooring that peculiarly is laid only at the entrance way. It’s polite in Canada to take your shoes off at the door when visiting. If you are visiting friends for an evening then you can take your slippers or some indoor shoes with you. When I lived in England I used to think that this was rather precious, but now I live here I can see the need for it. 5 months of winter means much muck gets trailed into the house. Even people who call door to door, such as meter-readers, take their shoes off.
One of our projects for today is to clear a path through the garage and put some coats hooks up in the garage so that we can use the side door as our main door. This means coming into the dining room but at least we can leave coats and footwear in the garage. In the winter we will have to store them in the house as it will be too cold out there.
The red crates have bags of wood in them for the wood stove that’s right by the door. This is our source of heat right now as we are waiting to get a new gas furnace installed. The plastic bag to the left has wood offcuts for kindling.
So next winter this picture will look different. No bags of wood, the crate will have just a few logs that are to be used that evening. The boot tray will be for visitors shoes, and so will be empty. I won’t say that chaos will be conquered, because that is never ever going to happen.

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  1. lol! I find this post highly amusing but I don’t know exactly why. 😀

    BTW, the garden in the ‘garden furniture watch’ is really getting green!

  2. I can sympathize. We have a shoe rack right by the door for the purpose of storing our shoes. We take ours off too once inside and walk around the house in stocking feet. When our dog was a pup, he thought the shoe rack was a buffet laid out for him to chew on but he’s mellowed now.
    Any flowers yet?

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