online poll about hearing loss


I’ve started a little poll about hearing loss and how it affects us. It started out as a two option question about lipreading but has expanded. I’m not sure how the final results will be presented to me. I’m hoping that I can make some reasonable conclusions from it.

I will post about the results, they are all anonymous, but I’m not sure how scientific the conclusions will be. That said, thank you to those of you who have voted already, and thank you in advance to those of you who are going to vote. The more people who complete the survey the better the results.

So if you haven’t voted, then please do, it’s just to the right on your screen. You can select more than one answer.

Thank you!!


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  1. Toasty, that’s what started me off on the poll. I can’t manage at all without sound, or in too much background noise. My mum and I were talking and she says the same, though she has so little hearing that the noises she can hear would be minimal. Anyway we were feeling inadequate and rather dumb because we need a bit of sound to cope.

  2. I just spent the last 6 months lipreading without sound when my cochlear Implant failed for the 2nd time and left me totally deaf until I was able to be reimplanted 6 months later.

    When forced to lipread without sound – believe me, the lipreading soon improves dramatically. By the time switch on last week came around, most people didn’t realise I was totally deaf.


  3. Hey how are you? What is your hearing loss now in db and do you have any audiograms? We, the readers are curious as to the extent of your loss.

  4. Hi anonymous
    I’m fine thank you, a little thrown by an anonymous request from “the readers” about how deaf I am.

    No doubt you didn’t mean it this way but it does seem a little like I have to justify how deaf I am.

    Also I thought I had been pretty clear in this blog about that, especially the parts where I talked about the CI tests.

    So what is it exactly that you want to know, and who are the readers that you are speaking on behalf of??

  5. lol, not speaking in behalf of this reader! I kind of like to speak for myself. 🙂
    Makes you sound kind of famous though, ‘the readers’ would like to know…ha.

    Anyway, I did your poll, looking forward to the results at some point.

    Happy Sunday.

  6. Hi Mog,
    I took your poll earlier and checked the able to lipread without sound. Maybe I should explain that a bit. I have one particular work friend I can lipread extremely well. One day when I was wearing headphones I looked across the room at her cubicle and noticed she was mouthing the names of fruits. [Banana, strawberry, etc.] There was no way I could have heard that and I had no context for her words but that is what she was saying. That experience has stuck with me although that’s not typical.
    Interesting poll.

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