pathetic fallacy, or how to blacken a mood


It rained today, and yesterday, big time rain, and thunder. It was raining when we went to bed and it’s still raining now. Pathetic fallacy, symbolic of my day.
The torrential rain didn’t stop us heading off to the city. I wanted to go to a meeting about Coeliac Disease held by the Peterborough chapter of the Canadian Coeliac Association. MLM dropped me off at the library while he went off to buy topsoil for the raised vegetable plots we are making. More of that another day. Today is a day for thunder.
The meeting was held in a large function room at the library I had no idea what it was going to be like, if I had known I would have stayed at home.
  • There were speakers.
  • There were microphones.
  • All but one of the speakers who used the microphones didn’t know how to use them. I asked several times could they move the mic away from their mouth so I could see to lipread, and once I asked if they could move the mic closer.
  • Some speakers didn’t bother with the microphone.
  • One chewed gum while talking, WTF, lipreading someone who is chewing gum, heck as like.
  • Only one speaker used powerpoint.

I couldn’t hear the MC, the gum chewer. I could hear the first speaker, who also had powerpoint slides so the bits I missed I could hear, plus I knew the subject of osteoporosis, so that was easy.

The next speaked didn’t use the mic and wandered off into the audience, which meant that the front row where I was sitting was now in front of her, so couldnt hear, couldn’t see. I flounced off to the loo and waited for MLM to return so he could come into the talks with me. He listened and then told me later what was said.

Nothing like independance eh?

I’m sure the people who organised it were lovely and well meaning, but……….

That’s two hours of my life I won’t get back.

It’s still raining


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  1. oh SO frustrating. And falls into the why bother category since, unlike a reoccuring class, you’ll never have them speaking to you again.

    We finished with our rain (5 days) and sent it up there. Sorry! Try to enjoy it.

  2. It is a bummer and frustrating. I know I won’t be bothering to join that branch and go for any more meetings.

    What is important and worrying though is how this illustrates the lack of inclusiveness and access to public information sessions.

    It’s stopped raining, now we are watching the grass grow.

  3. Society is so very unaware… I find it especially frustrating when I encounter it from organizations who are trying to raise their own brand of awareness.

    I bought a DVD about the downsides of the Olympics in Vancouver… no captions, poor sound… completely useless to me. I’ve sent it back, asking for my money back and sent some awareness making of my own.

    Gum chewing… whether of not there are hard of hearing peeps in the audience… is just so wrong.

  4. hi Toastie
    glad you like the photos.

    I didnt comment on the gum chewing as I thought that was just me and my funny British ways.

    I just find it very vulgar and insolent to chew gum when you are talking to someone.

  5. The pictures you took were really awesome.

    I’m so sorry you weren’t able to completly understand what was going on and gum chewing during a presentation, is just TACKY.

    I hope the sun shines for you tomorrow.

  6. That is a shame. I’m sure the speakers had some information that would have been useful to you. It is frustrating. One wants to be as independent as possible but barriers like the one you experienced at your meeting make it so hard. Perhaps at some point you might want to express your thoughts in a letter to the group and see what their response is. If they’re willing to meet you halfway perhaps it would be worth trying again. I certainly know that “2 hours of my life is gone” feeling. Hugs, Sarah

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