how to eat soup – is it crackers?


First take a bowl of soup, any flavour will do, this is tomato.

Then take some crackers.

Crush the crackers into the soup.


Stir the soup.

Then enjoy…

Fortunately I don’t eat crackers so have yet to try this delight. I shouldn’t mock though, I laughed at poutine, and yet it’s pretty damn good so maybe crackers soup isn’t crackers?

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  1. Oh god… I love crackers 'n soup and tons of crackers or none at all. I love putting in about 5 crackers and letting that sit to soak up all the juices and then cracking in 5 more for texture… it's no longer soup at this point… I've done this with oatcakes with good results and with tortilla chips – excellent!

  2. That's the only way I can eat tomato soup – with lots of crackers. Interesting background shapes on your photos.

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