it’s a date!!!!


The date of my assimilation into cyborgdom is……

Monday June 29th

I heard yesterday. I have some papers to complete and get back to them. A week or so before the op I go up for a preop assessment – blood work, consent forms etc. So it will be up to Sunnybrook early on the Monday morning, an overnight stay and then back home on the Tuesday.

Four weeks later is activation day.



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  1. You already know how happy I am for you.

    The beginning of great things for our Mog 🙂

    Congrats…celebration cupcakes are in order here!!

  2. That's such good news really excited for you

    I have been reading your blog regularly even if I haven't been commenting

    I'm afraid the overlords in the evil corporation that employs me don't allow Internet access 😦

    I'll drop you an email 🙂

  3. Congrats, you finally have a date! I will keep checking into your blog to learn more. Is your hearing loss progressive? What are your plans for your 2nd ear down the road? I am saving both of my ears for stem cells that can restore some hearing. I am really curious what it's like to hear *something* unaided.

    As to the piano test, did you ever try it with a desktop speaker? Notebook speakers may not be powerful enough. I will be writing a future article in my blog about cochlear dead regions and explaining them.

  4. Thank you Z, Sarah and deafdude

    deafdude. Yes my hearing loss is progressive. I have no plans for me second ear. – That made me laugh, I didn't plan anything for the first one. I lost my hearing, I tried hearing aids, I got fed up with missing out, I was referred for a CI.

    I live in Canada which has socialised medicine. The province I live in does not fund bilateral implants routinely. Even so I would rather have hearing now, via CIs than miss out on so much waiting 10 years for stem cell research to become reality.

    The keyboard test. My laptop speakers are powerful enough, they are much louder than the desktop PC at work. No I havent tried separate speakers either. The test is not scientific, and in my view is only useful as a comparison/demonstration when you have someone with you.

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