day trip to trono


Toronto, the locals say it “Trono”, or they write it as T.O.

I went in by VIA rail, I like trains.

The train comes into Union Station. Above it’s an architectural delight, underneath it’s a claustrophobic warren of corridors, and shops, and steps. It’s all blocky and rectangular.

I walked past these hockey dudes outside the Hockey Hall of Fame. I didn’t go in, obviously my Canadian-ness needs work.

Then I strolled up Yonge Street to the Eaton Centre and mooched about for a while.

I met some friends for lunch and then went back into the Eaton Centre. I came out through the wrong door where I took this picture featuring old and new. I have no idea what the buildings are.

I took the subway back to Union Station

Then the train home again.

Disappointingly they no longer shout “All aboard”. The platforms are low, almost level with the track. There are a few steps up into the train, and a plastic step that the conductor puts out at each stop. They even offer a hand for you to hang onto as you tumble out of the train onto the platform. I don’t know how one would deal with wheelchair access, or even being less nimble. GO train platforms do it better and have a raised section level with the train floor.

Oh yes, and the deaf view of today. The usual “I’m sorry I am deaf” and variations on that to everyone I talked to, but no hassles, cheers to the helpful Torontonians and VIA rail people.

On the train I couldn’t hear the announcements, but then I never expect to. There was a delay for 20 minutes on the way home. I have no idea why of course. It doesn’t matter in the scheme of things I suppose, but it would be better to have greater inclusiveness. I looked up VIA rail website and they say I could use Bell’s Visual Ear but I can’t find out what that is.

Hah, but it was another grand day out. Toronto is growing on me. Next time the islands maybe, or the St Lawrence Market. Oh yes, next time Sunnybrook!


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  1. The building with the clock and gargoyles is the Old City Hall … where (among other things) you go to argue that you shouldn't have to pay traffic tickets for a vehicle you sold 20 years ago, etc.

    Just to the left, out of the picture, are Bell's offices. At one time, there was a place on the ground floor that provided all kinds of assistive devices for deaf, HOH, blind, etc. Very helpful staff and solidly made gadgets for a reasonable (or no) fee. With the "Roger-ing" of Bell, that's all gone now.

    I've never heard/read of Visual Ear either. I wonder what it does? On-the-fly speech recognition perhaps? I hope VIA knows something the rest of us don't!

  2. Interesting photos. The one with the contemporary modern skyscraper and the Victorian clock tower really struck me. Which do you prefer better? The architecture of the past or the architecture of today? I tend to favor the old fashioned, ornate styles myself.

  3. next time we will have to meet up
    I have Internet access back now
    Unfortunately it's not coz my boss gave in
    Draw your own conclusions 😦


  4. Steve, thanks for the info on the buildings, I wondered if it was City Hall but thought that was bigger. I emailed VIA to ask what the visual ear was, will report back if I get a reply. I have a preop assessment next week so will be on the train again

    Sarah. I like both old and new buildings, the age isn't a deciding factor for me, and I love the juxtaposition of old and new, a great example is the IM Pei's pyramid at the Louvre

    Z?? oh no, I hope my conclusions are wrong

  5. It was a great day out you had and the lunch with friends must have been the real highlight! Lol, cheeky I know. It was good to see you and catch up.

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