pre op assessment day


Yesterday I went up to Toronto to have my pre op assessment and to sign the consent form.

I saw the surgeon first and he explained the possible risks which are; infection, bleeding, facial paralysis and change in taste sensation. I asked him his incidence rate for the risks and he has had none apart from the taste sensation change which usually lasts around 2 weeks and is limited to the side of the tongue that the surgery was on.
I also asked him about the low frequency loss preservation and the electrode. The electrode will be inserted as far as possible into the organ of Corti to cover as many frequencies as possible. The electrode design is supposed to cause as little damage as possible to the undamaged cilia and thus not destroy the residual hearing. If the residual low frequency hearing goes in the future then the electrode will be in place and can be activated. So that’s good.
They did another audiogram too as my last one was in August. Much the same except the low frequencies are down a bit.
The pre-op checks involved seeing a series of very lovely people; well there was one who missed out on the charm school class but hey the place can’t be perfect can it? The anaesthesiologist was great, nice chat over some medical history. Then and RN and more questions, an EKG and BP- all ok there. No blood work as I am alarmingly healthy.
They will telephone MLM on Friday to make sure I don’t have a cold or anything, and to tell us what time to be at the hospital on Monday. It can be anytime from 6am but they won’t have the theatre list order until that day. I have to stay in Toronto overnight and go back the next day to have the drain removed and the wound inspected. If I’m not well enough then I would stay in the hospital but they prefer to get as many people out to free up beds.
All systems go for a week on Monday. As long as I don’t catch a cold. Yikes.
And the picture? seen at Union Station, a Loonie is the nickname for a Canadian Dollar, but it seemed to sum up the day.

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  1. Mog, I'm going to Swaziland this coming Thursday, so will be in the bush a week from Monday. I don't know what my access to the internet will be like there. So I'd like to go ahead now and wish you all the best. I'll keep my fingers and toes crossed for you.

  2. Toastie, Not worried rationally, but I am on edge so yes, I am nervous. Yesterday reassured me that this is the right decision.

    Judy, have a great time in the bush

    Thanks to you both for thinking of me

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