mondegreen, another way of saying you hear some funny things when you are deaf


I was just over at this blog. There’s a post about a contestant in the Bulgarian Idol competition who sang what she thought were the words to Maria Carey’s song “Without You”. Go there, here it is.

One of the comments called this mondegreen. It’s a word coined to describe mishearing the lyrics of a song. It’s also a word that describes how I hear. I hear gibberish, and then put some real words that fit the context of the conversation on top of the gibberish and hope that they are the right words.

You see all those people laughing at her? I see them laughing at me. You see her confusion? I feel that confusion.


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  1. Hi Mog,
    I wrote about mondegreens on my blog. You can read it here.
    My computer's acting up so I'll have to take a look at the video tomorrow at work. (I couldn't even get your photo of Molly to load, darn it.)

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