Mog and I went to Sunnybrook at 10am she was supposed to be in the operating room by 1215 due to delays she didn’t go in till 2pm, by that time we were both stressed out .

The operation took 3 hours I spent the time pacing the hospital then she was another hour in recovery, when she arrived on the ward she was a bit groggy but asking for ice cream. she looked a bit battered but fine with a huge bandage on her head and not feeling to giddy which is a good sign but we will find out more tomorrow.
Mog  has to spend the night in hospital and she has a room all by herself so hopefully she will get a good sleep.
Tomorrow she has to have an x-ray of her head, then an exam by the surgeon then hopefully she can leave that should be about 11am then back to Rob’s for ice cream.


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  1. Ahh, I hope everything went really well and that you are not feeling too beaten up. Another step closer!

  2. Yep, ice cream is in the freezer waiting. Was happy to know you were awake and texting instructions for your LM to update the blog – you know you're doing just fine when you're thinking of the blog.

  3. Thank you for the update! Pleasant dreams tonight and ice cream tomorrow, Mog.
    Sending good wishes for your recovery,

  4. Good to hear that all is well. Ice cream sounds like Avery sensible idea to me.
    Thanks for keeping us updated I'm sure Mog will be back andblogging soon


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