who’s out there?


I often wonder who is reading my blog?

It’s so lovely to get comments, and I particularly appreciate the comments from regular readers, they have become cyber friends. Feedjit shows me some of the places that people visit from but it doesn’t list everyone, it allows privacy, plus not all computers get picked up by it.

One of my reasons for starting this blog was to keep in touch with people back in England without them having to sign up to any of the social networking sites, but you know, I rarely see anyone from there on Feedjit. Maybe that means that no-one is interested? It probably does, sadly. Life moves on I know, but I also know that it would be easier to keep in touch if I could pick up that phone and talk to you, have an easy chat and catch up. It’s not because I’m not interested in what’s happening in your world.

I’m home alone, bored, and suffering from a post anaesthetic slump. I would love to pass the time and have some human contact by making a phone call, maybe I will be able to one day with this implant but I can’t and in the meantime the computer is my friend.

Please leave me a message, and if I know you then especially so, leave me a clue about who you are though!


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  1. hi there 😉

    It's strange… I partly set up my blog for a similar reason; to keep in contact with distant friends yet most of them never read it or, if they do, they never leave comments or mention it. It sort of pisses me off and has made me re-evaluate some friendships.

    On the plus side, I've met some wonderful people in the blogosphere and enjoy very much being able to keep up with you since my flouncing from that other place. 😉

    BTW… my friend Simon, in England (a friend who does read my blog!) thinks the Molly video is wonderful.

  2. I'm lurking about….following your journey…congrats on the implant, I'm anxiously awaiting the day that it is turned on so that you can hear.

  3. Hello I'm from England, I read your blog all the time! Feel free to stop by mine!! Keep up with the blog, its brill!!

  4. Aww, shucks, thank you for the kind words. I have visited all your blogs,they are great. I too should be better about leaving a comment!!!

  5. Hello it's me. I'm not a first time commenter and you know I read your blob all the time and will continue to do so from over there!

  6. Funny, but my daughter reads my blog on her lunch. she lives several cities away.
    My sons, not so much so.
    I have so many cyberfriends who support me. They are beautiful people. I love them so much.

    We provide support and cyberhugs and a confirmation that no matter what life throws at you – we are there for you.

    Cyberspace does not have boundaries.

    We are isolated in distance from family. We have few friends up here, few people that we have things in common. You need to pick your friends and laud them.
    I bow in honour.
    Glad to meet you.

  7. I'm out there, reading about you in there.

    I haven't told anyone I've started blogging yet – wait till I get into the swing of things, but I guess I'd be pretty miffed if my best mates never wrote a comment either …

  8. I have found like you my friends here back home don't read my blog, but I've met great friends in cyberspace. I come here regular on your blog and like to leave messages, but sometimes I'm not able to leave them due to problems I experience. Why I don't know.

    Take care and all the best.

  9. Thank you for commenting! It is especially pleasing to me when we get a dialogue going in the blog.
    It is interesting who comments. Some people dont't like to I know and there are some friends who send me an email about the blog, and others who will tell me in person, this is great and so rewarding. I do feel a little proud of the blog so it's good to get positive comments.

    I feel sad about the friends back home, I suppose when you move away from an area those you leave behind may feel abandoned and so lose interest in keeping in touch. This is fair enough, but as Toastie says it does make you reevaluate friendship and where you fit in. I've had some friends for many years and I know that they will read and catch up occasionally. I appeciate this. I know others who spend time on Facebook and My Space, but who as far as I know, never visit the blog. I guess they just that aren't into me…

    But you all, thank you for being there. I've only met the one of you in real life, but we met first in cyberland. One day we will all meet up!

    There does seem to be a problem with comments on blogger sometimes, I've had the same when I've tried to post on others.

  10. haha its only me in little old UK. its raining lovely, again. what would UK be without its regular showers. Canadian Affair have just sent me their price list so who knows come your Fall I may travel over to see you.
    You are bound to feel "down" after your operation and also now waiting and hoping to be able at last to hear. How wonderful it will be to communicate easily and to relax in company instead of continually straining to hear.
    all best wishes R.D. UK

  11. Hi Mog,
    You said you'd love to have a chat. Do you ever IM via Gmail or another service? I have a dear friend with a very soft voice who I used to be able to have long phone chats with but now it's too tiring for me. We have experimented with chat on Google. There's a delay but if you're doing something else online at the same time (or if you're very patient) it's a good way to "talk".

  12. HI Sarah
    I use MSN IM all the time, and have done for around 10 years now. I have used google chat too but not many people I know use that. I have a webcam too and use that on MSN occassionally. It was good for my mum to see how I was recently, we still have to type though as it isnt smooth enough for lipreading.

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