i’m special


Special in every way, but special in this instance as Sunnybrook has only put in 4 of this type of implant and electrode combo before. All with good results, some better than others.

To recap.

The bit embedded in my skull is a Med-El Sonata implant.
The electrode that goes into the cochlear is a FlexSoft electrode array.
This image shows you the anatomy and placement of the implant and the electrode.

The bit on the outside of my head will be an OPUS 2 in Bordeaux Red, as shown here in the second photo, isn’t that yummy??
That’s the bit that comes of at night, when showering, swimming etc. Without that I won’t be able to hear in the right ear, in the same way that I can’t hear without my hearing aids.
I had the staples removed today, that was relatively painless, more ouchy than pain. Now that they are out the pain in my scalp/head/outer ear is much, much less. I now have the added bonus of some excellent scabs to pick at. Someone in my life used to save scabs, who was it? Own up!
They did a quick hearing test of the right ear to see if there was any residual hearing there. Which there is, but it’s slight and should improve once the gunked up blood has cleared from the middle ear. They told me that the surgery went very well with no complications, so maybe I was imagining that a horse had kicked me in the side of the head?
Activation is two weeks on Thursday, and then a series of appointments to go back and have adjustments done while I learn to hear anew.
Bloody marvellous.

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  1. Brilliant news – always thought you were a bit speshul!

    Ta for these pics – now I understand. Happy to know you feel a bit less pain too!

    Now you concentrate on mending and don't get too excited for switch on – as if!!!

  2. Take good care. Stop picking at the scabs. They are there for a reason!

    /mom of 3
    /grandma of 1
    /retired teacher

  3. Great pics to show what's going on.

    Question! That disk shaped bit… how does that stay against your head?

    Happy to hear that things are going smoothly, my fellow happy, helpful Brownie. 😉

    I have fed your fish!

  4. Magnets Toastie, magnets. I have spoken to someone whose head got stuck to the metal bedframe. Her CI magnet locked her on!

  5. Yes, I've found that the magnet sometimes has a preference for other nearby metal objects. For example, the steel legs of a laundry faucet I was installing. And, more recently, the side of a fridge while putting my shoulder against it to move it. No harm done in either case but I should be more careful and wear a baseball cap or similar while doing such things.

  6. Ah, ok! As soon as I pressed 'send comment' I remembered something about magnets but good to have it confirmed.

    And wow a whole new world of whoopsies to explore!

  7. Be careful going through airport screening. You will now be a suspected terorist.
    Hope you enjoy the noise you are to be introduced to.

  8. I bet thats strange finding yourself attached to something you don't want, and scary too at first.

    Do you know if you feel a sensation when putting on or taking your hearing aid off the magnet?

    Sounds all good so far, stapels removed etc… Bet ya can't wait for switch on. Look forward to hearing the news here.

  9. I wonder if I will end up stuck to an x-ray set, tee hee? I don't think you feel anything, what;s to feel??

    Not sure what happens at airport security, I think you have a letter or somesuch and they do the search with a wand instead of the gates?? Anyone know??

    I love the colour roo, I see no point in hiding it and trying to blend in.

  10. How much residual hearing was preserved in numbers? Glad to hear not all is lost, hope more comes back! You have so much residual hearing to begin with!

    How many electrodes was inserted? 10? 12? 16? 20? Am I right in saying your CI is specially designed to preserve some residual hearing?

    Is the 2 weeks to activation an estimate? Ive read that normally it takes a full month to allow for complete healing and all that blood/gunk to be cleared out.

    Is that magnet so powerful you could get stuck to your bed or fridge?

    Let us know your progress! 🙂

  11. DeafDude

    I don't have your obsession with numbers and so have no idea what numbers were on the test. It's irrelevant anyway as it was only a test to see if there was any sound at all. I find your comment about how much residual hearing I had deeply offensive. The hearing professionals disagreed with you and I put much more store in what they say than what you say. Just because I may have had higher numbers on the audiogram than you doesnt give you the right to tell me how much hearing I had left. I've tried to explain to you before that hearing loss is more than just numbers, recruitment etc play a huge part. Would you like someone to tell you that you that have "so much hearing to begin with"??

  12. He's not the most subtle blog commenter around… and quite obsessed with numbers. That said, while current CIs work great (at 2 months post activation I'm starting to agree with all the 'better than hearing aids ever were!!!' people), I'm really enjoying the CI/HA combination that gives me better sounding low frequencies and much much improved high frequencies over a CI or HA alone.

    I think my better ear is waiting for the Flex electrode to be available in the US… but at this point, I can really see myself being bilateral some day.

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