updatey things


Well it’s now 2 and a half weeks since my surgery. My scalp, head, and outer ear on that side are still tender to touch, so I still have to sleep on my left side. I take a painkiller before bed so that if I turn on that side I don’t wake. My scar is healing up nicely and I have no problems with it all. I do get the occasional twinge around the scalp but I think that’s not unreasonable.

So, all in all, tis good.


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  1. Good to hear the good news.Scalp operations are very interesting.

    My dad had a brain tumour removed in 2003. (It came back in 2006 and he passed away in 2007.) I remember after his surgeries how difficult it was. Do not hesitate to take the pain meds for now. Once the pain overwhelms you, it is not good. Better to keep on top of it.

    Best of luck!

  2. good to hear all is progressing nicely. you will be looking forward to communicating well in a few months time – or maybe sooner.R.D.UK

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