then and now, healing nicely


Just some pictures from the day after the op, and some now. The scar is healing well, the swelling has gone down and the grey hair is growing in nicely.


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  1. That is so interesting. Can you wash your hair, or do you have to be really careful about infection? I know my mom got an infection after one of her surgeries. It was so difficult – compounding her recovery process. She had home care, but it was tough.

    You have great hair to cover up the suture scars! It looks quite healthy, as you say.

    Thanks for the tip about the cat commerical, nice to know that someone trained a cat to have Mitz bizarre behaviour. I feel so badly for her – she runs around in fear most of the time. She never smiles.


  2. Can't wait till you get turned on. I'm very excited for you and interested in this whole process. I will be your sister in kind soon enough, but not this year I'm afraid.

  3. The short hair does feel great. The scab has gone now so nothing to pick at 😦
    You canwash your hair after the sutures are out Jenn, but I was wary of styling it etc as my scalp was tender so I didn't brush it, just used my fingers to comb.
    Rob, so glad you are no longer queasy!!
    Kim, I love that idea, the cochlear sisters!

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