is there such a thing as a hard of hearing moment?


I flooded the laundry room yesterday. My mum laughed and called it a senior moment. BUT, was it a senior moment or a hard of hearing moment?? or maybe both?

I wanted to clean the grid from the BBQ and put it in the laundry sink to soak but the plug didn’t fit properly and so the water drained out. I tried again deciding to fill the sink with water so that by the time it had drained away the grid would have had a good soak. Makes sense eh?

The problem was that I didn’t stand and watch the sink fill, for as we all know watched sinks never fill. I’m also impatient so wasn’t going to stand there for however long it would take. I left the room and went just a few feet into the kitchen.

A little/sometime/who knows/who cares later the kitten is doing a demented dance, but there was nothing unusual in that so I carried on. Then it came to me, the sink! I ran into the room and there was water water everywhere.

On the laundry room floor,

the hallway,

the linen cupboard floor, the spare room closet floor…….

The sink of course was full of water and overflowing. The cat litter lives under the laundry sink and was now also full of water and overflowing with added grey mush that had been clumping cat litter. That must be why the kitten was dancing with crossed legs.

Why don’t Canadian sinks have an overflow to the drain??

It took me almost 2 hours to clean up. I used every towel in the house to start mopping up the water. I had to bale out the cat litter until the tray was light enough for me to carry outside. I then put the wet towels out on the fence in the sun to dry, bringing them in again to put onto the carpet to sponge up the water. Then I had to wash and dry the towels. The carpet is still wet and covered in towels. The carpet runner is pulled up and drying in the living room.

What a mess

My question is, was it a senior moment, a scatterbrained moment – for I am a scatterbrain- or a hard of hearing moment. I contend that if I could have heard the water running I would have had a reminder that it was running, I would have heard the different tone as the water started to overflow and been able to turn the tap off sooner.

This is the pie that I burned last week, no buzzer to remind me that time is up.

What’s your experience? Do you leave taps running, burn the dinner, let the pasta boil over? Do you do this more since you have lost your hearing? Is it age or hearing loss?

I suppose the answer for me will be if I do this sort of thing less once my CI is up and running.


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  1. re. age or hearing loss — a combination of both? 😉

    I had this moment, when, after a good night's sleep, I got into the bathroom in the morning and the faucet was running at full speed. No plug, fortunately. Whew. But I must have simply forgotten to turn it off about 10 hrs before. Something you don't do when you hear the water running… I'm still wating for the bill

  2. OMG! LOL!

    'Kitty dancing dementedly' is a justifiable defense in any court of law.

    I have done similar things both with normal hearing and since hearing loss… actually I think less so now as I'm more visual. That said, my 'mstoastburner' nickname is not just about toast either… maybe I'm not very visual either, haha!

    I once nearly drove a neighbour to kill me by leaving a window open in such a way that it squeaked in the wind… I couldn't hear it at all… but she could… very clearly for hours and hours…

    Fortuately she was cool about it once we realised that it was my hearing and not me being intentionally irritating. I now inform all my neighbours of my potential to piss them off.

    At least your floors are clean now… (yeah, I know, shut it! lol)

  3. I have managed to annoy at least two neighbours by not realising how much noise I make.

    One eventually had to comment that the windchimes kept her awake. The others, poor sods were kept awake all night by my radio. Summers night, windows open, me sleepless. So I put my radio on the mattress next to my head and listened to the world service. They had to moveout of their bedroom to avoid the noise. They even tried banging on the door to tell me.

    They were nice people, bet they were glad I moved.

    It's a good reason for using the captions on TV, one may be able to hear the the sound at a loud volume, but it's bloody annoying, if not painful and upsetting for those with normal hearing. If we ask them to help us to hear, it's the least we can do to consider their needs too.

    I have a good sense of smell and use that more when I am cooking, but I have noticed more burned offerings since I had the hole in my head.

  4. hah, just occurred to me that if you had normal hearing you would probably have had radio or some music on somewhere and then would not have heard taps or whatever. As one of my friends (who is now totally confused Molly) said to me, "it is lack of concentration". orr you could say it is because we females multi task, and so of course we overload our brains. Well we need to have some excuse don't we.

    byeee RD UK

  5. Reminds me of when I left the hot tap running…all night 😦 Still, a flooding is worse than an elevated gas bill I guess (yes, we do have overflows in our sinks in Scotland!). I guess you'll be paying more attention to your 'hearing kitty' in future!
    Hope you're all dried up by now, F

  6. Water running has been a troublesome one for me, but I do hear it more often now with my CI – it depends on how much is going on and how far away I am from the source. For me, separating the sound of the garbage disposal from the water running is a tough one and I will foget I turned the disposal on until I shut off the water and there is the disposal humming away.

  7. Oh Lord – what a mess – it's kinda funny in a 'I'm glad I didn't have to clear that up" way! (embarrassed grin)

    I think we all have these moments of complete amnesia about tasks we start and never quite come back to, until it's a bit late. I think you can legitimately mix your senior and deaf moments to talk your way out of this one. How is your soggy carpet today? And more importantly, the cat's paws?!

    My brother used to annoy our old neighbours terribly by leaving the TV or radio on at full blast all hours of the night. Actually, he didn't really like them anyway so half the time I wonder if he forgot on purpose!

  8. I came here for Watery Wed., but became fascinated by the story of the implant. I have normal hearing, so I had never realized what being deaf could involve. I do love your descriptions of the "new" sounds as you use the CI. Reminds me to be more aware of the world around me while I have it!

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