mindful listening, day 4, walking meme


It’s so encouraging and lovely to read all your comments and advice, thank you. I’ll bear the suggestions in mind when I see the audiologist again this Thursday.

Today I went out on my meme walk . At the time Rob suggested that I could repear the walk in the summer. So I have. Marnie talked about mindful meditation, being aware of the present moment. I decided to apply this to my CI training. Instead of being a buddist monk and chewing thoughtfully for three hours on one grain of rice I would be a middle aged deaf woman listening thoughtfully to the sounds around her.

I turned the volume up 2 steps on the CI and headed out armed with; a book for notes, a brolly for the rain, a camera for the photos, my blackberry just in case, and a bag to put them all in.

Here’s the start of the snowmobile trail. In summer it’s open to all except ATV’s – thank goodness.

The the cottage lane and the river

This bit was still frozen back in March

The river view from the old railway bridge

and the osprey in their nests.

and our street. We live along on the left.

What did I hear today?
  • Cars, before they were right behind me
  • The noise of my shoes on the sandy road
  • The wind rattling my CI
  • Birds as bells
  • Osprey chicks sounding like bells
  • The pen clicking
  • Paper as I opened the notebook
  • LEAVES rustling
A couple of times I took my CI off to compare the difference between with and without. Amazing. So many changes so quickly.
Speech is still weird and unintelligible. I imagine that the complexity of the sounds will make speech one of the hardest things to decipher. How anyone without an auditory memory does this is beyond me. I take my hat off to you.
I probably should say that all these sounds of nature are a bonus, some embroidery, but they are more than that. They feed the soul. What had seemed to be the most important thing to me was to be able to communicate again but I now realise that the other sounds will enrich my life beyond being able to talk easily.
If I never have any friends then that solitary walk would be so much more because of the sounds.
PS. I forgot to say that belching is the best thing! A gorgeous throaty rattly sound. Must drink some more club soda….

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  1. Feeding the Soul – Yes, I know exactly what you mean.
    When I was first hooked up, it was the third day before I understood my first word and then it was just one word. Learning to hear again really tried my patience – and so worth it.

  2. How lovely, and you really do highlight things many of us take for granted these days.

    I have visions of you now walking around your local roads, swigging club soda and burping out a little tune for you own amusement, and to the bewilderment of your neighbourhood. Hee hee.

  3. Glad you revisited the walk. You're appreciating sounds that most would take completely for granted. I think that's the essence of mindfulness.

  4. Sounds like thing are progressing quite well. "Speech is unintelligible" … is that CI alone or CI with H-Aid? My experience was that, at first, the CI 'augmented' the H-Aid but now, after 6 months or so, it's the other way round. Most of the intelligence comes from the CI and the H-Aid just throws in some colour, sense of direction, fills in some of the more bass sounds. But somehow the two together do a better job than either one on its own. Hard to describe!

  5. Duh…I'd bookmarked your blog so that it came up with 'wet Wednesday' every time and I thought you'd been VERY quiet lately – till I figured where I'd gone wrong! Great to hear how you're getting on – sounds wonderful already! I've just realised today that I'm going to have to get used to cold ears after 40+ years of an ear mould in them….(unless I decide still to wear the one hearing aid)

  6. That river view looks lovely.

    You can hear leaves rustling? Wow, I've never heard that.

    #Fran – Cold ears, I never thought of that. LOL.

    I'm learning so much here – I'll be back to read more!

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