musings day 3


When the cat shakes her head the bell round her neck sounds like a rattle

Some birds sounds like bells

Grass makes a swish swish noise when you walk on it.

Water makes a tinkly bell sounds when it splashes on the dock

Peeing sounds like peeing.,, tee hee.

The car indicator makes a quiet clicky noise

I can hear the smoke alarm if I am standing underneath it

The washing machine goes woosh, woosh.

If I pay attention and listen to my implanted ear then I can lipread some of the words of the newsreader, well the lovely Heather Hiscox anyway, well CBC newsreaders probably. Proper ones that speak clearly.

Keyboards make a clacky noise

I don’t like talking as the radio in my head is playing my voice back to me. You know how horrid your own voice sounds on a recording? Well that’s what I hear. I have terrible vowel sounds, estuary English. EEEK. I must work on that!

The damn thing still keeps falling off.

I can’t find my registration card.

My ear is sore from having the gadget behind it, and a pair of specs so today I wore my contact lenses. This was better but I still need to use reading glasses. I’ve been putting a piece of gauze on the arm of the specs to cushion it. I think the humid weather makes this soreness worse. The ear itself, scalp and skull are still tender to touch. I get occasional stabby pains around the implant. Nothing terrible but enough to remind me that something happened there. None of it is terrible really, it’s all going to be fine, but I don’t want to ignore these things, and pretend that its all easy.


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  1. It sounds like you are enjoying learning sound again! Adjustments will help the radio in your head settle to more normal sound in time.

    I also wear glasses and have been wearing rimless titanium since I quit wearing contacts. They are the lightest and easy on my ears. My ears still get sore when I wear sunglasses a lot. For a time, I had to use moleskin on my processor ear hook for comfort, you might want to check that out versus gauze. As far as your magnet not holding – I have heard of some CI users with very thick hair choosing to shave the headpiece spot; however, you may also still have some swelling and your skin might yet thin, then it will hold better. Your audi might have some ideas regarding holding the headpiece on.

    Great musings!

  2. Hey, that's excellent, Mog.

    "Peeing sounds like peeing"… 😉 I noticed this too when I first got my hearing aids. I really does sound different. I had to check to see what exactly I was peeing one cos it sounded like rain hitting a tin roof.

    And what I thought were my 'silent but deadly' bum burps weren't as silent as I had thought!

  3. Hi, Mog. It's great to come back and find out that you've become a bionic woman during my absence. It doesn't sound as if it's all beer and skittles. However, it does sound like an improvement over your pre-cochlear implant days. I hope that the challenges you are experiencing will diminish over time.

  4. Wow, you are doing well and the issues will surely sort themselves out in time.

    You must be pleased with the progress so soon after activation.

  5. You're doing great 🙂
    You might ask if you can get a longer wire for the headpiece… then you can fasten the processor onto your shoulder for a while and give your ear a rest… or someone suggested you can wear the processor on the other ear if you're not wearing a hearing aid there.

  6. You are progressing. I imagine too much, too soon, would be too difficult. Take one day at a time. Solve one problem at a time.
    Best wishes!

  7. That's cool that you can hear the rattle on the cat's bell. My friend's cat has one of those and I can't hear it. Sounds as though you are coming on well although it's still a bit ouchy. Thanks for the update!

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