sssshhhhhhh, I’m back


Lappie the laptop is back from the menders and is very nimble and sprightly. The USB ports are tempermental and can’t be fixed without spending $$$ and if spending $$$ one might as well get a new puter. So it’s time to save up those Twoonies in a pot.

In the meantime. I say sssshhhhh because I can hear sssshhhing. My world is now sybillant again. Airbrakes everywhere.

My second mapping had a few adjustments that have made a difference to the quality of sounds I hear. The keyboard now has a clicky noise rather than a clacky one. A lighter noise. Birds sound more birdlike but still not pretty. That will come though, I’m sure. Rustling leaves sound more rustling-leaf-like. I like that noise. It looks like a storm is brewing out there tonight and I am looking forward to listening to that. I like a good storm.

Some things I recognise because of the rythym rather than the tone, seagulls for instance. We have seagulls around here, miles from the sea but they don’t care which kind of water they scavenge around.

I heard crickets the other night. I was in the sunroom looking for the kitten and heard a noise that I thought was something to do with the lights maybe. Turns out it was the crickets outside, we have all the windows open in there so it’s like being outside except with a roof and bugscreens.

Cooking is interesting, I can’t remember the last time I heard onions frying, it makes cooking so much easier, hah.

I can make out some words on the car radio, but not whole sentences or enough to make sense of it, but it’s miles better than before. I’m aware of conversations around me now. Lipreading is an odd thing. I thought that I wasn’t as good at lipreading as I had been. This was because I remembered being able to lipread parts of conversations across a room but didn’s seem to be able to do this anymore. When I have the CI on I can do this again, this makes me think that before I could hear some tiny sounds that helped me make out what was being said, and now I can again.

I have some listening practice to do this eek by listening and reading Barack Obama’s weekly address, then it’s back for another map on Thursday.

I’m also going to get my remaining hearing aid adjusted to take out the harsh noises from the high frequencies, I dont need those now as the CI will look after those. I’ll use the HA to give me a sense of stereophonic sound, and to add to the overall hearing experience, but if I no longer have to put up with those awful painful noises then I am not going to.

Speech really is easier to understand. You know I’m wary of saying that though in case anyone expects me to be able to understand them, so when I say that I can hear miles better than before, my miles better may still be worse than someone else’s miles worse. It all depends on where you start from.


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  1. This is so cool Mog – I'm very excited for you as you learn more sounds. I cannot imagine how hard it must be to decipher speech again.

    And frying onions. Wait till you burn them, that's another distinct sound (and smell!). hee hee. Enjoy.

  2. This is all so interesting!
    Thank you for sharing your journey with us.
    I am a 'miles worse' kinda gal. My parents learned to lip read as their hearing failed. Mom (depsite spending much time trying to convince Grandma to get a hearing aid) fought getting one herself.
    It was ironic.

    Take good care. Hope your surgery is healing well.

  3. Hi
    I've jumped over from my blog – thanks for your comment. I've heard chicken frying sometimes but never anything else. Perhaps chicken is louder or is that a silly idea. So are you wearing your HA at the same time as CI, wow I've not known of anyone else to do that. Is it not very different from the CI? How does the HA help you?

  4. Again, thank you all for your comments. It is all heading in the right direction for sure.

    I'm hoping hearing cooking noises will prevent burning but I'm at that age now..

    I've heard of a few people who carry on wearing their aids. I think it improves hearing overall, stereo sound etc, orientation, safety. Plus the brain likes it! On the use it or lose it principle one would want to keep that ear working, preserving an auditory memory there so that if ever I get a second implant then that ear hasn't "closed down" Sara has just written about this on her blog, I haven't read it yet but I am sure it's informative, she always is.

  5. That all sounds so wonderful Mog. As I'm sure you have heard it will just keep getting better for some time yet.

    I know exactly what you mean regarding sharing how much improvement you are noticing as people might raise their expectations. As your hearing changes Again – do your best to communicate what your needs are. Before my second implant, I reminded people where my good side was and arranged people I was conversing with to help me hear better. Lipreading is something you will probably always do and it will be easier now.

    I'm so happy for you and all the sounds you are hearing again. Enjoy!

  6. My gosh Mog you have improved SO much in such a short amount of time. I'm really proud of you. I can understand short phrases of the radio too…. it blows my mom away all the time. I love the sound of onions sizzling and you are right… it does make cooking easier.

  7. "I heard crickets"… that's freaking amazing!

    This is all very, very good!

    Good luck on your mapping today. 🙂

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