Skywatch Friday Turkey Vultures


I took this from my car using my Blackberry. The road runs alongside the dump which is a huge attraction for vultures and seagulls.

I think they look ominous the way they are perched on the branches of a dead tree as if their attraction for death even extends to vegetation.
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  1. What a different and interesting shot. You did a good job of capturing all those vultures. At least you thought up something different to share.

  2. What a marvelous photo and post! I am fascinated by Turkey vultures… so beautiful in flight, so "icky" in their habits. (I do realize they serve an important service, but, yuck.)


  3. Great photo Mog – pretty creepy really. Though I did have a vision from the "Dumbo" film with them about to burst into song "When I see and elephant fly" – hee hee. Edit – I think they were crows actually (in the film) – but the gathering in your tree does look ominous.

  4. Thanks for the comments. I am torn betwween thinking of the Hitchcock film The Birds, and the comic vultures in the Jungle Book film

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