map number 3, cochlear implant orientation and medic alert jewelry


Today I had two appointments at Sunnybrook. One was with Amy for a new map, I’ll come back to that later, and the other was to see if everything was ok on the technical side.

I learned that I should give up rugby, American and Canadian football, football and limit my scuba diving. As if I ever started. A list of things I can and can’t do now that I have a computer in my head. I’m going to sort out a medic alert bracelet for the medical stuff such as no MRI and no monopolar cautery, no diathermy. Interestingly it was suggested that the ID also say “deaf” I had never thought about this but it’s true, unless medical people know that you can’t hear then they will consider other reasons for your lack of response. I now think it would be a good idea for all deaf people to wear one. Does anyone have a medic alert bracelet/necklace and what wording have you put on it?

The mapping was short and sweet. The high notes were given more oomph, but still not level with the low frequencies. They are set as high as I can tolerate them for now. Channel 12 is still not switched on, for the same reason. Those high sounds make my teeth hurt, weird but true.

So I now have all three maps and can switch out of the new one into a previous one if I feel more comfortable with that. I wll be trying these for four weeks and then back for more tweaking.

Todays pictures are from my Blackberry and taken as drive-bys.

  • The energetic young lady is outside Sunnybrook. That’s how you feel when you can hear again.
  • The traffic is the 401 in Toronto. A few hours later not too far to the west a tornado touched down. We had a huge storm later on in the evening. I took some videos and if I can edit them will post one tomorrow.
  • The big white thing is the war memorial at First Nations Reserve. Built in 1927. It’s an ugly monstrosity, but it gets the message across. Like many cenotaphs in smalll communities it’s stricking how many names are from the same families. All the native Canadians in the First World War were volunteers. First Nations were not able to be citizens and so were considered exempt from service.

Edit: At work right now. The new map isnt so easy to make out speech with. It’s fuzzy. Damn, I do have the previous map available so will switch to that if I need to but will persevere as it has more high frequencies.

This could be the begining of the love hate relationship between the CI and me.


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  1. Glad all is well , but a real shame you're going to have to give up the rugby career 🙂

    It might please you to know that it was streesed on my first aid course that just because someone doesn't respond to your questions, it doesn't mean they are unconcious.

    During a role play the instructor asked " have you considered that they may be deaf?"

    So good training from the Red Cross there.


  2. I was wondering if you had any of that bad weather, I saw it on the news. Looking forward to the vid!

    And thank you for your lovely comment, Moggy my dear. You've been a best friend too. You were and still are instrumental in my coming to terms with my hearing loss; that I will never forget.

    You drive-by hellion!

  3. I'm at mum's at the mo – so jumped onto her comp. Interesting point about the medic alert – seems sensible re avoidance of MRI etc after the implant – but never thought about one for deaf people. I wonder how they would react? Good point though for when people shout at us when our eyes are closed :\
    I wonder if sounds will also affect my teeth when I get as far as tuning? Still a long way to go yet.
    Yeah, I'll have to give up contact sports too 😉 (not that I ever did)

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