just a ruddy nuisance


I can’t wait for the day I can hear properly and be able use the damn phone again.

I’m not going into details on the internet of who, what, and where it happened. This blog is not anonymous enough for that. It’s enough to say that I felt/feel that I was/am a nuisance, worthless, humiliated, unwanted.

What a great evening. It’s these experience that add up and make you dread some situations.


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  1. Oh crap… not a pleasant feeling, Mog. Yep, experiences like that are shite.

    Roll on the day you can use the damn phone!

  2. I had, what I thought, was one gobsh**te of a day, until I read your blog. To say I now feel stupid and insignificant, would be an understatement. Stuff 'em, and although we have never met in person, I highly doubt you are any of those things you mentioned. Funny as hell, absolutely. Nadine x

  3. Aw sorry you had such a crap day. It's horrible when you can even feel yourself go red when you just remember an incident like that.

    One day very soon …

  4. Thanks to you all for your supportive comments. I feel better about "stuff" today but when these things happen it knocks you for six. Well it does me. Just realised that was a Britishism and I don't know what the North American equivalent would be. Curve ball maybe, but England won the Ashes back so I should use a cricket reference.

    Rambling on.

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