Some very amateurish videos and photos of the storms we had on Thursday and last week

It was a joy to be able to hear the rain and the crickets, the crack of the lightning, the wind. I wanted to stay out on the porch and watch but MLM thought it was dangerous especially when the storm was overhead. Plus I wasn’t sure about static and speech processors.

The sounds on the videos are of the rain and crickets, the thunder, then you see the place light up. You can hear MLM saying that we should go in, and then me saying “Okayyyy” very reluctantly. The second video has only background sounds, rain, thunder, crickets.

If anyone can tell me how to take better storm photos I would appreciate it. I have a Finepix S2000HD.


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  1. These are fantastic Mog…. love a good thunderstorm. You sounded a bit reticent to say the least! Don't blame you.

  2. That's some very heavy rain !

    I did exactly the same as you with my camera the other evening – but I got no pictures whatsoever! LOL So well done

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