dentist’s appointment post cochlear implant


I don’t like them. “Dentists“.  I hate the whole thing, the smell, the drills, the lying down while some one you hardly know has their face 2 inches from yours and is armed with nasty things that drill, and hook, and hurt. 

(BTW, it’s really a long time since I had any pain at a dentist, and my place is especially nice, they email me instead of phoning, remove masks to talk to me etc etc. You know the drill ;-)…..)

Today was the occasion of my first crown. Two actually. Lower right 6 and 7. I had a root canal about 25 years ago in London. My then dentist said that he wouldn’t do the root canal himself as I was a horrible patient (weeping sobbing, gibbering, shaking) so he sent me off to The Dental Hospital. This was fine if not scary, but they didn’t do crowns or permanent fillings there. I persuaded the nice man to do a permanent filling and that lasted a few years. Every dentist since then has said that I need  a crown but each time I have persuaded them that a new fillling would do the trick. I knew this wouldn’t last and that one day I would have to dig deep into my pockets to fund that crown. Today was that day.

Off I went for my 2 hours in the chair. Those chairs are not designed for short fat people. There’s nowhere to put your arms as your forearms don’t reach the arm rests so you have to link your fingers across your tummy, and then try not to crush your fingers as you hang on for dear life.
I was so, so pleased with myself and my lovely CI as I could make out what the dentist was saying, and so new what was going to happen next and could open/close/bite at the appropriate times. It wasn’t always this way. Once, BCI (Before Cochlear Implant) I bit his finger when I mistook some instruction or other for “bite down”.  You know, being able to hear the instructions and noises makes it a much better experience all round

They drilled and fiddled and made impression after impression after impression before sending me on my way with temporary crowns.

Then I got home and the damn thing came out.
I sent  a text to MLM who rang the dentist’s office. They emailed me straight away and said come back straight away.
This wasn’t so much fun. The nurse kept forgetting to remove her mask, plus she forgot she had a phobic patient. Yuck. Unpleasant. But I survived.
The good news is that the CIs did help. It was less yuck than it would have been.
The bad news is what gummy food to have for dinner tonight.

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  1. Gummy food… that's a tricky one. Gin and tonic? 😉

    I don't mind dentists and I actually LOVE getting my teeth cleaned as certain areas of my gums are almost like erogenous zones. Doctors, on the other hand, ugh!

    Great to see that the CIs are helping! At least that was a good positive out of the dental chair.

    When do you back for the real crown?

  2. Oh! I forgot to say that I love that picture of the old dentist's chair… where is it from? It reminds me of some museum in London but I can't remember the name… (it's driving me crazy).

  3. hi there,
    hard it is…indeed
    the temp crown came off again this morning so back again tomorrow.
    Real one is put on in 2 weeks time

    The dentist's chair was in a museum up in Penetanguishene. I think I know the museum you were thinking of, was it the Welcome Museum?

  4. How strange that some of us (ahem) purposefully wear headphones and tune into the TV so that we cannot hear all the dentist noises. The sounds and smells instantly turn me into a wobbling, chair gouging heap dentist-o-phobe. But I hadn't figured on biting fingers, LOL.

    So it's a mixed blessing to be able to hear well in that chair then?!

    Wishing you better luck with the temp crown over the next week or two. And well done for biting the bullet, so to speak.

  5. Ann, I'm curious, with those headphones on, can you hear what the dentist is saying to you?

    I watch the TV when I am there but I put the closed captions on of course.

    Honestly, it's much less scary when you know what's going on. At least when you have a choice to know what's going on.

  6. Ah! Thank you, thank you! The Welcome Museum is the very one. Ta!

    My dentist here has a camera-video link so you can watch what she's doing on the overhead monitor… erm, no I'll stick with my Nirvana on full blast and my eyes shut tight and thank god that my gynecologist doesn't have the same set up, lol!

  7. I am going for check up on Tuesday. different Dentist. one previously had religious pictures on the ceiling, so that when one lay back and looked up it said "god looks down on those who look up"!!! and on the door to the room it said – "God is my strength and my fortress"?!This present one has large TV in waiting room with subititles, I think there is one above the Chair too, but I usually keep my eyes closed until she speaks, then shut em again

  8. Sounds like you're really noticing the difference BCI and ACI…that's great!! I can't wait for mine…though I've still to find out for sure if I'm suitable for one….

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