a day out, post cochlear implant

MLM and I went out for the day today. He finished his scabby old job yesterday and starts the lovely new one on Monday, so we had a chance to do the quality time thing.

We headed off to Kingston, Ontario. It’s a two hour drive from here and we had been told that it was a great city. Old buildings, cobbled streets, history, waterfront and good Indian restaurants.  A good Indian restaurant is an important place to a Briton. 

We set off with me driving and MLM navigating. This is usually a recipe for tense moments as BCI (Before Cochlear Implant) I could never hear what MLM was saying in the car so instructions had to be short, specific, and accompanied by gestures. Because of this MLM would have to drive when we hit the city.  He hate cities with a passion and driving in them gives him a headache – he’s from Suffolk where they don’t really have any cities.  On the other hand I lived in London for 25 years and so have no problem with traffic – apart from Canadian drivers but that’s a subject for another post. Today it was so easy to drive, and to chat, and to hear. 

We got to Kingston around noon and were very disappointed in the place. So disappointed that we didn’t stop long.
We tried to find a place to eat, first place no gluten free stuff, second had gluten free but filthy loos, so not eating there. We went to a major coffee chain for takeout coffee, that place was smelly. In the end we bought good fries from the Chip Wagon and ate those sitting on a bench. 
I’m probably doing Kingston a great diservice. It reminded me of South London, shabby and crowded with inbuilt hippy – Tooting, Clapham etc and as I’m a North Londoner then, well it’s just wrong.  It’s very much a student town. I probably would have loved it when I was 20.

We left early giving up on the idea of a take-out Indian meal and decided to try a place I had  been recommended recently that’s about 45 minutes from us. The restaurant is in a motel in the middle of nowhere  on Highway 7. This is what the rooms look like.

Would you eat anything from a kitchen attached to those?

One assumes that the same housekeeping standards are throughout.

In spite of all this we had a good day out. We found a great little artist’s studio and shop where we chatted to the artist and I may go back and sit with her to learn a little about watercolours. I took some photos of course and here they are.

Yes indeed, those are the leaves turning ……

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  1. Bummer about Kingston… I associate it with prisons… are there prisons there or that just my warped memory?

    LOL @ The Motel Tandoori… scary!

    A day trip to Perth might be nice, Mog. It's a really nice place (to have your heart ripped out of your chest). πŸ˜‰ But seriously, I really liked it there.

    Around Thanksgiving there is a 'studio artists tour' that I really enjoyed – art studios in the countryside with the fall colours in full bloom – very nice! – http://www.perthstudiotour.com/ (although really a similar event likely happens in many places)

    Three cheers to your lovely man on his new job!

  2. Those are nice pictures, Mog. I see red leaves in one of those pics, is that a Japanese red maple? I saw some of those and was told the leaves are always red except in the winter when there's no leaves at all.

    How's the weather? Is it still hot or has it started to cool as September approaches? Here it's still as hot as usual. Id love to move north, at least to northern Georgia for cooler weather and possibly as far north as Pennsylvania. It would depend on how much house prices countinue to drop.

  3. Hi Toasty
    We should have gone to Perth, or even on to Ottawa. It was a good day out though. Not sure about a prison at Kingston, there is a CFB place though.

    Hi DeafDude
    That may well be a Sugar Maple, I definitely saw some with red leave when we were out. we have had an odd summer this year, lots of rain and storms. Its now rainy and well below seasonal average, it feels like a fall day. I don't like the heat too much, we get humidity here in the summer which makes it hard to cope with.

  4. Pity about Kingston – nothing like Kingston on Thames I take it! Lovely pix too. I'll def have to take some autumn ones next time we're at the cottage – feels like autumn is coming round the corner now.

  5. There can be few more disappointing episodes in life than looking forward to a good Indian curry and not getting it….. you have my deepest sympathy Mog!

  6. I love Indian food.
    Nobody in my family likes it, but moi.

    I'm coming over and we're going out for some Indian dinner for my birthday. πŸ™‚

  7. Is the motel that you just described located on the south side of Hwy #7 between Marmora and Havelock?

    If so, I've eaten there two times. The place definitely looks like a dump, but the Indian food that is served there is really good!

    I used to live in Kingston. It has over 5 prisons in the area, I believe. The women jail was recently taken down, leaving behind only a small building that has become a museum of something related to museums. Even though there are tons of restaurants in this town, I'd be stumped to think of a restaurant that serve gluten-free food and that is clean-looking. Too bad you didn't care for Kingston. Did you even like the downtown core, which is quite intact and full of atypical and/or non-big-box stores?

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