when I don’t hear what you say


it is not appropriate to say “have you got your thingy on?” and then lift up my hair to check whether or not that I have my hearing aid or cochlear implant on.


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  1. Isn't that awful, Mog?
    You'll have to teach people how to treat you…
    I used to teach my physically disabled students about their personal boundaries. Kids would love to push them in their chairs to places they did not want to go. So many approach kids in wheel chairs and treat them like babies.

    Also, I had to teach them not to roll over my foot in their wheelchair, but that is another story!

    These days, I talk to seniors and caregivers for the disabled using aids, i.e., walkers, wheelchairs, who find that people will talk to their aide, not them. They see these wonderful tools, but not the person.

    So glad you can teach us about CI!
    Big hugs, all the best!

  2. At least it wasn't your skirt and that they meant a strap-on… just keeping with the crotch theme. 😉

    But seriously, some people, eh? Makes you want to have one of those trekkie force field things so people get zapped when they've violated a personal boundary. Shields up!

  3. Oh wow! I echo Rob – how rude is that?! Okay they've asked the question, but to lift your hair too?! How did you respond – or were you too shocked to?

  4. What? My mom does that and then when she wants me to put it on I refuse on the principle of it.

    Let them deal with it and learn to respect it.

  5. are you serious!!!? Some people are just crackers!! Fortunately I don't recall anyone anyone asking that question of me, which is a good thing cos they'd just get popped on the nose!! 😉

  6. Good grief. It reminds me (but is worse!) of when people walk up to a pregnant lady and lay their hands on her bump, patting at it, rubbing it, assuming that it's OK to walk up to a stranger and start stroking them. I've even seen someone unknown put their head/ear on a friends bump to see if they could hear or feel anything going on. What the …. !?

    I trust you have worked out a retort for this person when you next see them? Like a punch in the chops …

  7. Not only was it overstepping personal boundaries but the implied criticism and failure was quite wrong. In a way I'm glad she did the hair thing as that made me angry, without it I would have just been upset!

    It is the sort of thing that only those close to you can do, dare do. Mums for instance. Then you know it's because they care.

  8. I've deleted some comments of mine and others because in retrospect they could have identified people, the place I work, or reflected badly on others.

    It's my fault as I made the first references and others picked up on that. Blogger does not allow you to edit a post that is linked to a profile so deletion or not posting is the only option.

    In NO WAY are these deletions a reflection on the content of NotQuitelikeBeethoven's posts. All he did was refer to what I had written.

    I hope that NQLB isn't offended and that he keeps visiting and commenting. Apologies

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