september morning walk- sights and sounds

For some strange reason I was up early and out for a walk by 7.30. Strange as I am not a morning person and even stranger as I am working this evening so could in all conscience have had a lie in.
But I didn’t and headed off with my camera to take these photos. I did put my appliances of science in and around my ears so there’s no need for anyone to check.
I walked up our road and down the cottage lane by the river, then up onto the bridge and back via our park.  I could hear birds and crickets and the old man walking his dog in his pajamas. The old man was wearing the pajamas not the dog, the dog was au naturel. 
I heard a woodpecker and other birds. The birds still sound as if they are at the bottom of a long metal tube so I couldn’t tell whether or not that the laughing sound was a seagull or a loon. I like to think it was a loon. Soon I will be able to hear it without the metal tube effect.
When I got to the bridge I stood and watched this fisherman and his boat float by. It was so quiet. A beautiful rich silence that really was there, not imposed by my lack of hearing.

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  1. Fantastic photos, Mog – love the spider's web! What a gorgeous area…

    "A beautiful rich silence that really was there, not imposed by my lack of hearing." That is very profound.

    Hey do you remember the video you shot and put on your blog? And asked us what we heard? Have you re-listened to that?

  2. Is that river the Trent River?

    SpeakUpLibrarian told me about your blog once she found out that I'm from Ontario too. So, I went through your blog and noticed a few pictures. Some of the clues make me think that we live about 1 hour from each other. Cool!

  3. Thanks RD, I like the fisherman best too

    Marnie, thank you,I'm blushing at being profound. I shuold go back and listen to that video, will do it right now.

    Jonathan. I think we are close neighbours. If you send me an message with your email I promise not to publish it, then we can chat less anonymously

  4. Watch out Jonathan, that sounds within a 100 miles… ie, according to the 100 Mile Diet, Mog might consider having you for lunch! 😉

  5. Wonderful pix Mog – you have a lot of skill. What kinda camera do you use? I have a 'aim and take' automatic digital cam – take lots of pics and mebbe some will be good!

  6. Much like Toastie, I was moved by your appreciation of the quiet, hearing the silence as opposed to a lack of hearing. Profound indeed.

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