I’ve been out……


……socialising, talking, chatting, listening, joining in. Bloody marvellous!

road trip

Our next door neighbour asked me round to one of those captive-audience-selling- something-over-priced-that-you-don’t-really-want-but-once-you-hear-the-speil-you-think-you-can’t-live-without-it parties.

road trip

I normally don’t go to these events for can’t hear reasons, but this time I thought I would give it a go. 

road trip

When I arrived my heart sank a little. I had forgotten that the neighbours have cathedral ceilings, maple floors and no drapes. Glenice was only just talking about the problems trying to here in these surroundings on her blog too.  Well I was there so there was no turning back. The only chair was in the far corner away from everyone but as I thought I wouldn’t be able to hear anything anyway I settled in and prepared for an hour or so of smiling inanely. I aim for smiling benignly but I suspect what I acheive is more of an inane grin.

road trip

Well blow me down. I could make out what the demonstrator was saying. She did sound as if she was at the bottom of a long metal tube but I would make out the words. I did struggle when more than one person was talking but afterwards at the  red wine  with cholesterol and sodium based snacks session I was able to chat to the neighbours. So nice, so, so nice. Very lovely neighbours they are too. One is English, one said we could pick apples from her tree anytime, another told me about a brunch at the community centre, one of them asked me round for coffee. 

road trip

I stayed longer than I planned, even though NCIS, a secret vice of mine, was on TV.

I didn’t buy anything at the party either as it was all cleaning stuff and I’m not very good on the housework front. I get distracted easily you see.

Success all round



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  1. Hooray!
    What a great outing and such a success. So even though the subject might not have been riveting, the fact that you could hear enough to ascertain this fact, is a biggie!

    And some new friends into the bargain – a successful evening and worth missing CSi. It’ll be repeated.

    • Glad you like the new place. No I’ve finished with the old one and moved everything over here. All the old posts and comments are on this one

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