harvest moon, rain and chatter


Yesterday we went to visit our friend the Log House Lady. She has a beautiful old home about 40 minutes north of us. We always enjoy a visit there.

On the way there it was rainy2009_1003MOLLY0003

Then it cleared up, but looked rather threatening in the distance2009_1003MOLLY0009

We arrived, chatted and then had a delicious meal of bacon, veggies, mash and crumble for dessert. I could hear all the chat and joined in with no trouble at all. Well no trouble for me. I don’t know about the others I just can’t stop talking.

While we were clearing away there was a terrificly loud crash that shook the house to its foundations.  The thunder had started again so we grabbed out cointreau with crushed ice digestifs and headed for the porch where we sat and listened to the rain pouring down. If LHL thought she had escaped my incessant chatter she was wrong, i can now hear well enough to chat in the dark. There’s no escape.2009_1003MOLLY0019

MLM stayed indoors and watched the log fire flicker.2009_1003MOLLY0015When we left to come home the rain had stopped and the harvest moon was shining through the clouds.2009_1003MOLLY0032


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    • Chattering is good

      Spooky? It was so pretty I could have stood and stared for hours. It’s a shame I couldnt take a better picture than that.

  1. great photos as usual. It must have been more than noisy for you sitting out on the porch in the storm. . How wonderful that you can HEAR and join in and enjoy the chat.

  2. Is that a heritage log house in the last photo? It looks like those old log homes that you see along the Opeongo Line between Renfrew and Madawaska. There are a few peppered between Northumberland County and Renfrew County.

    • It’s the Log House Lady’s log house. It is old but I’m not sure how old, maybe 100. It’s made from big old logs with chinking in between. LHL has made it very beautiful.

      There are a few heritage ones in Northumberland and Peterborough counties. There’s even one right in the middle of Peterborough city.

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