Squeaky Fall



It’s minus 6C this morning with a heavy frost so I reckon winter is on its way. Did you know that  scraping the frost from a car windshield makes a horrible, set your teeth on edge, high pitched squeal?  Almost enough to make you take your CI off. I didn’t though. You hearies can’t so why should I? The noise of a knife on a plate is pretty painful too. I hear your pain. 😉

I went out yesterday to take some photos of the fall colour but sadly was a little late and the leaves are more off than on. These were taken from the road running behind our house. I had wanted to show the full effect of seeing orange and red trees everywhere. So imagine please.


I think I took enough photos of the fall to post until it’s time to blog about snow.



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    • No, you aren’t doing anything wrong. Most Canadians see the Fall as a sign that winter is coming and so think of spring when it will all be gone…….

  1. Have you tried nails down a blackboard yet Mog? eeeeeeeeeeuch!
    btw….. way back you asked me if I had any pics of Lewis. I finally got some. Check out my blog. More on the way.

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